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  1. abodyjoe

    340 questions

    so this is for sale near me. was thinking about maybe picking it up if the price is right. so he says its a 1972 340 engine out of a 1972 Barracuda.. not sure if that's true or not but I'll post a vin pic. do those look like the early pistons? i thought by 72 they were lower compression...
  2. abodyjoe

    piston help... identify please.

    so 8m thinking about throwing together a mild 360. got these pistons years ago and when i look up the number i cant find it. i can find the H405CP by speed pro but dont see the H405P assuming also by speed pro. so i guess my question is what exactly do i have here? are these speed pro...
  3. abodyjoe

    finally put together an early a v8 swap kit for myself

    all i need now is to find an affordable small block push button trans that's a good rebuildable core. then ill be on the hunt for a good 64 valiant rag top. :) big thanks to Rob ( @Bigboy 68 ) for supplying the centerlink and headers. he is a good guy if ya ever deal with him.
  4. abodyjoe

    70 340 valve covers???

    in 70 did the 340 abody valve covers differ from the run of the mill small block ones? if so how? anyone have a good pic? anyone repopping them? i see ones for a t/a but not sure if they are the same for a abody 340.. thanks in advance..
  5. abodyjoe

    70 340 plug wires when running stock exhaust manifolds??

    did they have straight plug boots or 90* boots? and how were they run? anyone have reference pics they can share? thanks in advance..