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  1. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1968 Barracuda front grilles (restored)

    Not a terrible price either !!!!
  2. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 67-68-69 Barracuda Trunk Trim

    Close ups of the 68 trunk trim ? -bob
  3. famous bob

    [SOLD] 2- fuel tank sending units

    Those look to be some kind of mopar originals , are they for sure ??
  4. famous bob

    [SOLD] A Body new Gas Tank

    Deal here guys , those tank vents can be worked in ur favor ! No big deal , unless ur building an exact factory car.
  5. famous bob

    [SOLD] 72 Valiant Tail lights and Mirrors

    Dam , beat me too them !!
  6. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Charging system wire around 6 or 8ga

  7. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Charging system wire around 6 or 8ga

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ANYONE ??
  8. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Charging system wire around 6 or 8ga

    Sounds like I need to go to a heavier wire ! I dont have any trouble w/ anything , except hot starts , never starts on the first turn of the key , but hit it quick a second time and it fires up . ?????????????????? any ideas ? Been this way since day one , scares me , but hasnt failed me yet...
  9. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 67 68 69 NOS Barracuda Wheel Lip Moldings

    Not interested at those prices, but are they alum. or stainless ?
  10. famous bob

    [SOLD] Miscellaneous parts sale

    What is the diameter of the third one down in the pics/for a clutch fan set up ??
  11. famous bob

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda Grill Parts

    Contact "PARTSMONSTA" @partsmonsta , he`s in florida , almost bet he would b interested .
  12. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Pair of short 67 - 69 barracuda reverse light housings

    Are they complete , or just the housings ?
  13. famous bob

    [SOLD] front fender braces

    Exactly how long are they center to center , if u don`t mind ???----bob
  14. famous bob

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda taillights - (1) pair

    \ Interested in this also -
  15. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1968 Dart Front Sidemarker Lights

    didn`t notice, are these flat , or with the little angle built into them/ If angled , they will not fit the 68 barracudas ----------they take the flat ones .
  16. famous bob

    [SOLD] New 67 Barracuda Tail Light Housings

    Ah So, forgot about the 67 had back up lights down below --------thanks.
  17. famous bob

    [SOLD] New 67 Barracuda Tail Light Housings

    Are the 67`s and 68`s the same thing ??
  18. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Abody passenger mirror $35

    I`m wondering what the diff. is, the right and left look alike to me !
  19. famous bob

    [SOLD] NEW 67 barracuda tail light housings

    Kinda figured that after thinking about it. Probly why they are always so hi $$ !
  20. famous bob

    [SOLD] NEW 67 barracuda tail light housings

    Have wondered about that, how about the 69`s ?
  21. famous bob

    [SOLD] NEW 67 barracuda tail light housings

    Are 67-68 the same , as far as the housing only ??
  22. famous bob

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda Tail Light

    Hey guys, I backed out, I really don`t need it. I apologized to MOPARPARTS FOR THE F/U ON MY PART. It is still for sale , I`m sure , next-------
  23. famous bob

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda Tail Light

    I`ll take it I`ll take it , depending on shipping to 74021 . Will need paypal address.
  24. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Grille for 67 barracuda for sale.

    68 had one year only shark tooth type inserts.
  25. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1967 68 barracuda lot

    How much for the nicest set of reverse lights ? none complete ?
  26. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1967/69 Barracuda reverse lights

    How bright are they? 68 reverse lights are a joke.
  27. famous bob

    [SOLD] Manual mirror

    let me know if the first in line fails to buy ----thanks.
  28. famous bob

    [SOLD] Manual mirror

    If I may ask, what is the diff between the drivers side and pass. side mirrors ? Looks like the same , and both adjustable. I hate not having a pass side mirror, myself.