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  1. famous bob

    starting a dart doctor donation thread

    I will donate the first dollar toward a satin black paint job for his car . Of course he will paint it whatever color floats his boat tho. Anyone else ?
  2. famous bob

    a crack !

    My paint job has developed a crack on the top of the fender , pass. side, about a 1 1/8" long. Probably from me leaning on it w/ my elbows, finishing the car. The car is not a show car, or a daily driver, probably a 9 ? , out of 10 . I want to hide the crack w/o repainting , and keep water out...
  3. famous bob

    68 barracuda tail light lenses

    any one come up w/ a coating for the back up (white) lenses in 68 barracuda ? thinking of something to pour in and reinforce slightly , that is milky white to opaque . any ideas ?
  4. famous bob

    cowl drains

    I tried checking the tech. archives, and google,:banghead: but didn`t find any info. on this. does anyone know how to unstop the cowl drain holes on a 68 barracuda ? all the A bodies are probly the same I suspect. can it be done on a finished car?--thanks in advance, ---bob
  5. famous bob

    hood color

    got my 68 fastback in a friends body shop, can`t tell you how impressed I am w/ his work! the car will be dark topaz blue metallic. we are discussing accent stripes (racecar) style or not, also hood color. I always liked 6-pack flat black hoods. what are you guys opinions on hood colors? should...
  6. famous bob

    trim clips

    hunting a set of interior wheelhouse trim clips for a 68 barracuda fastback. these are the ones that hold the s.s. long cuved trim that cover the screws that hold the interior wheelhouse covers on.-------thanks...
  7. famous bob

    fender lights

    could any one get me the stock location measurements for the top fender signal lights that were an option on 67-69 barracudas? thanks, --------bob