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  1. furrystump

    Drag N Drive

    Did drag week 2019, No issues, swapped out the alternator at Cecil County. I remember on the first day at Virginia motorsports park it rained in the morning so everyone left the track late only getting one run in. It was sunny and HOT driving on 95 through Richmond and it’s rush hour. I’m...
  2. furrystump

    I’m a nut

    I’m very curious what you get out of them. They have recently become legal in FAST. I have zero interest in running them and frankly don’t feel that they should be legal, but it is not my sand box. I would also be pretty surprised if anyone ran them. Most of the guys like the challenge of the...
  3. furrystump

    What could cause this? 360 problems ####update####

    I believe you can and I believe you have never had a problem, but what if you did? Say it under performed or ran weird? At that point at least you would know it wasn’t cam timing.
  4. furrystump

    What could cause this? 360 problems ####update####

    Not piling on and not sure if this was just a cam swap or total build. I always check piston to valve clearance with play dough. Actually, anything that can be measured or checked, I do. I have trust issues. Paint you a picture, build it, run it and something is “off” anything you didn’t...
  5. furrystump

    73 Duster build named Fred

    I would stay away from cast cranks. Performance goals tend to increase and it is better to have forged to begin with. Molnar/K1/Scat are good choices. Not hating on cast cranks, just gives you more room to grow. I’m bumping into power levels were my cast Scat crank get’s me thinking. If I went...
  6. furrystump

    340 Intake Manifold Casting# 2531915 - Upgrade

    This is my 68-69 340 stock intake, race car, but runs fine on the street.
  7. furrystump

    Low gear set 904, pro’s and Con’s

    Most of the time this car foot brakes, it REALLY drags the bumper when he uses the brake.
  8. furrystump

    Question does stall convertor rpm happen between shifts ?

    Mine are MSD sourced and data logged.
  9. furrystump

    Low gear set 904, pro’s and Con’s

    I don’t know, 4:10 here, but the low gear set also changes 2nd gear slightly. So the 2-3 split gets a bit bigger. Not an issue for me, but you can hear it. Now add a 2.94 rear ratio and you might really notice it on partial throttle shifts.
  10. furrystump

    Low gear set 904, pro’s and Con’s

    I really like the low gear set in my 904. I’m so traction limited that I can’t take advantage of a bunch of flash rpm, but because the car moves easier it gets to the power band sooner. Which helped and the fact that the car was moving helped.
  11. furrystump

    Bolt pattern

    I have a set of those, they fit small bolt pattern. Came on a car I bought, would not run them. Not a fan of unilug.
  12. furrystump

    Quickest/fastest quarter mile on 15 inch "cosmetic" all season tires like BFG T/As (etc)?

    Really, how fast do you want to go? I’m at 11.39 at 117 1.60 60’ on F70-14 redlines and I’m slow. Heat kills tires, no time for heat to build up in a 1/4 mile run. The tires are not soaked, it was tried in the past. No one does it that I know of. They are the same tire you would buy from Coker...
  13. furrystump

    Question does stall convertor rpm happen between shifts ?

    Plus, the car is moving. My low gear set 904 lowers the flash rpm by its strict definition. Flash rpm is the highest rpm the motor obtains BEFORE the car starts to move. Because it moves easier, it lowers the flash rpm. It doesn’t matter to me, because isn’t one of the reasons to tailor flash...
  14. furrystump

    Question does stall convertor rpm happen between shifts ?

    Yes, I bumped it up from 3340 with the 727 to 3500 with the 904. I could probably go 200-300 more, but increase power is in the distant future.
  15. furrystump

    Question does stall convertor rpm happen between shifts ?

    My motor makes peak torque at 4800 rpm. So after the shift it starts to recover and gain rpm back at 4900. It flashes 3500.
  16. furrystump

    Question does stall convertor rpm happen between shifts ?

    Right before the shift the converter should have minimal slip %. With some exceptions. Here are my slip % after the 2-3 shift. My converter flashes to 3500.
  17. furrystump

    340 A body versus 383 B body

    I think you are correct, I don’t think the 340 would like the weight. Bone stock my car weighed 3700, but it had a/c then also.
  18. furrystump

    340 A body versus 383 B body

    Even at moderate to serious level effort in FAST, the “340” 420 CI A body (10.48) NOT 3600 lbs is quicker than the “383” 499 CI B body(11.0)at 3600 lbs It is just HARD to overcome the weight. The B body will close that up a bit, but the A isn’t sitting still. Take the 499 CI “383” and put it in...
  19. furrystump

    340 A body versus 383 B body

    My bone stock 340-s fastback auto, 3:23 open diff ran 14.97 at 97 mph. I had to walk it out pretty good to get it to stick. I was a kid, there was probably 14.6 in it. Weight hurt the 383 then and still does.
  20. furrystump

    Does a drag race only car need exhaust boxes?

    I run Pypes race pro’s through a full 2.5” exhaust with 340 manifolds and run 11.39 at 117 mph. If you go Pypes, avoid the Violators. They sound HORRIBLE. Drove 1000 miles on Dragweek with the race pro’s. It was fine.
  21. furrystump

    Throwing pulley/alternator belt

    I had the same issue, went with an March aluminum under drive crank pulley and problem solved. Before that super tight worked.
  22. furrystump

    Rear disc brakes

    TBM makes a kit also
  23. furrystump

    Car Weight

    Dusters can have the lighter pop out rear window. Fastbacks are just heavy. Each rear regulator in my car weighs a bunch. The rear glass. All the steel interior panels. The cargo floor, the trunk partiion was 15 lbs. a whole bunch of interior space to cover in shiny trim.
  24. furrystump

    Car Weight

    A bodies are usually much heavier than people think. IIRC my 68 fastback started at 3614 with me, I’m 245 lbs. That is stock in regards to weight, 1/2 a tank of gas, small block/727/8 3/4”/power steering. Now its 3353 lbs with me, 904/aluminum shaft/2-3 gallons of fuel, manual steering and some...
  25. furrystump

    I glad that is over with

    Glad you’re back at it!
  26. furrystump

    Choice for EDM solid flat tappet lifter.

    I run Comp EDM solids, wanted to give the cam every opportunity to survive. It does NOT replace rotation. Installed 10 years ago, has to be 1000 passes. Still going. I did think the hole would end up being plugged due to its size. Been in there 3-4 times and checked each one. All clear.
  27. furrystump

    Personal Bests

    Curve killer!!!!!! Dream crusher!!!:):):)
  28. furrystump

    Personal Bests

    You got a barn door and I have a 6” wide tire.. we both are crazy! Actually, it will be pretty hard to translate my combination into any other combo, for example, put a 10” tire on the car and you want 4000+ stall with everything else that is in car. 112 degs lobe separation? Free power if you...
  29. furrystump

    Personal Bests

    Well, the prep at MIR was very good and the air cool and dry. Car number 3400