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  1. Bighead440

    [FOR SALE] 1964 Plymouth Barracuda part out

    I need the steering center link, sent you a PM, thanks! RB
  2. Bighead440

    Big Block Gear Drive On A Slant?

    Go ahead and use RED Loctite, the myths about disassembly are exaggerated. Looks fantastic!!!
  3. Bighead440

    Cam Selection 360

    Those who recommended the 340 cam are leaving a lot of torque out, but it would idle decent and have a broad band. From personal experience with street trucks and tow rigs, a 110*LSA would put you in the torque band quicker and with a higher peak. In my '86 D250 tow rig, I used the 272H-10...
  4. Bighead440

    318 Magnum vs the world

    Magnum engines made a believer out of me in the early 2000s. I was a big block guy until 1999 when I built a '71 Demon with a 360LA. Had a bunch of fun with it, and I had a '68 Dart with a tired (but quick!) 400 BB and 4.30 gears. I cannibalized the Dart for parts and put a mildly modded 1994...
  5. Bighead440

    [WANTED] Early A-body 273 center link (dropped for oil pan clearance).

    Looking for a V8 (273) center link, putting a 360 in a '66 Valiant. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bighead440

    8 3/4 rear

    I would NOT recommend an 8.25" rear for 4spd drag or transbrake automatic cars due to shock loading and the crush sleeve and c-clip axles (27spl.) primarily.
  7. Bighead440

    8 3/4 rear

    The 8.25 has it's limitations for sure, but I believe it's closer in strength to say, a Chevy 12-bolt, than people think. It's not an 8.8 Ford, or even a 9.25" Chrysler by a longshot, but I have used several, especially one, beyond expectations with success. My '71 Demon started out as a...
  8. Bighead440

    340 cam in a 318

    The OG Street Hemi B/RB cam had 284* duration and .471/.474" lift (split pattern) and 108*LSA. Mopar Performance reeingneered the Direct Connection original to: 280* duration with .474" lift (single pattern) with a 110*LSA in the late '80s if I remember correctly. Comp Cams' Magnum and Isky Mega...
  9. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    .921" on some early Olds, like SOME 425s in Toronados and short-stroke 400s (442 early).
  10. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    They say on their site that it requires the special lifters with a 1.00" foot. When I ordered my custom Mini Express (?) from Kevin Cantrell, he reiterated that to me, as did Jerry. Mine is on a 106LSA.
  11. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    LOL, the Mini-Express was always a BB wedge cam and the Magna Velocity was SB, for long oval track use I believe.
  12. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    I talked to Jerry and Kevin about it, the Mini-Express was never a SB cam, so IDK what they started with, but it maps-out to the same lobe as the BB "M-E" cam. The BBs were ground on a 107LSA and I had them grind me one on a 106LSA. The Magna-Velocity is on a 110LSA, and has more duration, so I...
  13. Bighead440

    Looking for info on 2406782 rods

    I too assumed the MP rods were just dolled-up originals, but NO, they are new forgings of better material (4340 I believe, possibly 5140) and bear the word "Mopar" on the beam as well as their "P" prefix part number. Same with the BB MP rods, they had a standard and "6-Pk." rod available at the...
  14. Bighead440

    500+ horse 440

    NHRA scales!!!
  15. Bighead440

    500+ horse 440

    The original 9.25" Sure Grip with 4.56 Richmond gears and 31" M/T drag radials.
  16. Bighead440

    500+ horse 440

    Definitely. My proven recipe is TRW 6-pack (L2355F) pistons, recon'd LY rods with ARP bolts, ANY 440 crank (cast is fine, with external balance items in place), ANY year 440 block. Fully ported and polished iron heads (906/452, etc.) with 2.14x1.81 valves and Comp #925 double springs. Use the...
  17. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    OH, and I also need one (1) mushroom lifter to complete a set of 15 that I have.
  18. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    I think this one is around 290* @.050, based on lobe specs from REED, Racer Brown and Lunati for their 1.00" lifter mushroom cams. More rate-of-lift than just about any .904" cams that live and don't eat valvesprings.
  19. Bighead440

    SBM "MagnaVelocity" mushroom camshaft.

    Just curious if anyone here has ever run or had experience with the only (to my knowledge) Direct Connection mushroom cam offered for small block engines? It's specs are pretty formidable, 324 duration with .633" lift (1.5 rockers) and a 110*LSA. The Mopar Performance books never mention it, but...
  20. Bighead440

    9in drum brakes

    I'm fixing a '66 Valiant for off road (drag) use, with a peppy 360, and I'm determined to at least TRY the 9" front drums (it's a /6 no A/C car). I have some 10" drums/spindles off my '71 Demon that I can upgrade (some) with if it's scary. My '66 Coronet 500 with a 440 stopped pretty damn good...
  21. Bighead440

    [WANTED] P3690137 mechanical tappet, MUSHROOM

    Wanted: One or ? quantity MUSHROOM Direct Connection/MoPar Performance solid lifter(s), to complete a set. Thanks in advance! RB
  22. Bighead440

    [FOR SALE] 2 Old 5 on 4" Cragar SS

    Man, I wish you'd ship, those would be perfect fronts for our '66 Valiant Signet drag project (360/904)..
  23. Bighead440

    440 Engine Rebuild advice

    I guess his builder spec'd the wrong timing set too, because the OP's camshaft listed was clearly a "21-" prefix.
  24. Bighead440

    440 Engine Rebuild advice

    That cam is too small, IMO. Get the XE285HL if you go Comp Cams, a no cost upgrade that will put you closer to your goal. CHRYSLER COMP Cams 21-228-4 COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Hi-Lift Camshafts | Summit Racing
  25. Bighead440

    [FOR SALE] 1973 Plymouth Gran coupe fury

    Remember, I have a '73 pursuit Fury I 4dr. I think it's the same color (plus rust-lol), too!! I love this car!!