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    Look what I just found...69 Barracuda Restomodded

    We all want the super model without vocal cords? With no overdrive trans that 75k car will have some vocal cords going down the highways.....
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    Look what I just found...69 Barracuda Restomodded

    Amazed they did all that work and didn't put an over drive trans of some sort in there?
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    [WANTED] Kelsey-Hayes proportioning valve for A body

    I run 7/8 wheel cylinders on rear brakes on my factory disc setup with an adjustable proportioning valve set to full pressure to the rear. Seems to work pretty good.
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    Automotive Vacuum Pumps for AC use

    I bought a Harbor Freight 120 volt vacuum pump been using it for around 10 years now.
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    70 Dart Kelsey Hayes rotors

    Like someone said earlier if the rotors are not warped or scored put some 80 grit on a hard sanding block and rough up the surface to break the glaze. Then wipe down with Brake Parts Cleaner. That will give the new brake pads a nice surface so the pads seat correctly. I did that to my rotors...
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    Full quarter panel

    Most likely side marker light is different.
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    Full quarter panel

    See post #13 in the thread below. I too lazy to type it in again: And body panels from pro fit interiors???
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    4 speed mechanism for 69 A body Barracuda with console...

    The shifter mechanism that bolts to the trans is two bolts for the handle. Console and non-console cars had the same shifter mechanism bolted to the trans just different shift handles. Brewers sells reproduction console shift handles Brewer's Performance - Mopar A833 4-Speed Transmission and...
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    Summit brand smallblock rods Any good

    I have Scat I Beams in my stroker engine since 2010 hasn't blown up yet. Back when I built the engine I had a local performance engine shop measure and inspect all the rods and they were impressed. They said no resizing or anything was needed they were all spot on according to them.
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    And body panels from pro fit interiors???

    521 Restorations gives a big discount to members. Their is a thread under Hot Deals and New Products -> AMD Discount. What you do is open an account on the 521 Restorations web site, send PM to Jeff, and he enables the "discount" section of their web site to appear. The full floor...
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    Swinging for Divorce…

    Swinging for Divorce, Darting for Divorce....As far as Divorce, annoy your wife then she is glad you are out in garage wrenching on car and not bugging her. Hopefully dentist practice takes off get more money for car parts and give money to wife so she can go shopping.
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    Swinging for Divorce…

    Another vote stay with the copper. Plus easier cause engine bay already done.
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    Swinging for Divorce…

    Get the other parts take everything the guy will let you have
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    Brake Master Cylinder Lid Leaking

    Mine was leaking and I bought another master cylinder that seemed to have a smoother surface on the cast iron portion and leak went away. My previous master cylinder the cast iron surface wasn't smooth seemed rough porous.
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    More Cats

    My two cats. The orange one is 12 years old and grey tabby is 3 years old. Both are females. Grey tabby was my son's cat but his live in girl friend made him get rid of it so we took it in.
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    1969 'cuda 383 4-speed

    I bought my car from the original owner back in 1979 and it was all original down to the full wheel covers. It had the "burl wood" '68 style wood grain on the dash bezel with silver on the bottom and gauge centers were silver. For what ever reason it appeared my car rolled off the assembly...
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    Why are the 11.75 Brake Better?

    I read on here people have reported improved baking with the larger rotors.
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    Why are the 11.75 Brake Better?

    More leverage just like a longer wrench applies more torque to a bolt then a shorter wrench.
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    1968 Barracuda / Hellcat Redeye swap project

    I use the Schumacher torque strap with my 414 stroker with stock rubber auto parts store motor mounts and have not broken any mounts in 12 years. And no vibrations either: '66-72 B-Body, '70-74 E-Body, '67+ A-Body Torque Strap
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    Preparing to sell my original owner 72 Demon

    Demons only made for two there is that....
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    Preparing to sell my original owner 72 Demon

    Maybe start at 45k and take offers. Or if you wanna move it quicker start at 35k. Pretty hard to find a Demon that has never had any rust, has a street car look, but can run 10s. Nice A Body Mopars are not cheap these days like they used to be. I would try and hold onto it cause when its...
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    Rear Main Seal Leak Ritter Block

    I could not get rear main to stop leaking on stock 340 block until I put thin film of sealer between rear main cap and block surface to keep the oil from getting out between the two surfaces. After that no leaks.
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    Tar-like undercoating on 63 Valiant...any way to remove it?

    I sprayed that Goo Gone Automotive Gel on frame rail, let it sit 4 hours or so, sprayed it again, then used metal putty knife. About 5 minutes of scraping and it broke free and left surface looking pretty good. Mine is a factory undercoated car but I think I spray bombed some more under...
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    My duster is officially a v8 car FINALLY!

    Congrats that is a big milestone. Beautiful car.
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    Tar-like undercoating on 63 Valiant...any way to remove it?

    I am going to get some of that Goo Gone Gel and give it a try.
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    Tremec TKX first cuts

    Yeah quality of the SST pedals is top notch they say they make them in house. Brewers has reproduction pedals too but if you are going hydraulic prob best to go with SST and get matched components. Brewers also sells pedal pivot bearings but the plastic bushings in the SST pedals seem like...
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    Tremec TKX first cuts

    Plastic bushings for the clutch pedal.
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    Tremec TKX first cuts

    I bought the Silver Sport pedals they are very well made (I added the bezels). They can sell you the hydraulic clutch setup too. If you call them up tell them what you want they will hook you right up.
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    69 Barracuda dash bezel options

    This video talks about some options:
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    69 Barracuda dash bezel options

    I thought Deluxe Interior got you the door panels, set covers, and carpet on sides in the rear? I thought wood grain steering wheel and wood grain dash were some other add on? Then pedal bezels not sure about those? Just like Formula S didn't get you the 150 speedo that was an extra cost...