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  1. moparlvr166

    AC Compressor Clutch repair

    IMO Due the heat from the damaged bearing you should replace the compressor assembly.
  2. moparlvr166

    904 18 spline input shaft strength

    I would not worry about the strength of the shaft, but I would upgrade to the other shaft and pump due to a better selection of Converters.
  3. moparlvr166

    Quick Question Coil issue or more? (Mopar but not A-body)

    If it's an untouched engine, possible nylon timing gear worn down and chain skipped, check compression.
  4. moparlvr166

    early A body engine swap

    The locking tabs did not have rubber. Just my thoughts you don't need rubber on the tabs due to the fact they only touch when the mount tears and they are a safety catch, In the past I have always used a chain bolted to the crossmember to the engine to limit lift and to save the mount, if this...
  5. moparlvr166

    early A body engine swap

    I just purchased the Pioneer engine mount 602710 for a diesel truck from rock auto, under $12.00 and all you have to do is drill another locating hole in the bracket. The mount looks good and has the locking tabs.
  6. moparlvr166

    Power Steering Lower seal replacement?

    It's one of the jobs you get to do laying down, I always save large pieces of cardboard to lay on, so you don't have to feel all the pebbles or cold concrete on you back. Bonus points keeps the oil off the My driveway. (Sorry MOM, I learned from my younger mistakes)
  7. moparlvr166

    Power Steering Lower seal replacement?

    I have always used a small flat screwdriver and tapped on outer edge of seal and into the metal of the seal then just pry it out. I've heard others use a few screws into the metal of the seat then use pliers to pry it out.
  8. moparlvr166

    [SOLD] New 360 H116CP .030 pistons and rings

    Do you know the weight of the piston and pin separated?
  9. moparlvr166

    Need help. I seriously need professional help.

    Since you were able to get it running in rev just turn the rear diff over to make the pinion on top and it will let you go forward again. Now we figured it out.
  10. moparlvr166

    [SOLD] Front disc brake pieces from 74 duster

    I will take it if you're willing to ship.
  11. moparlvr166

    [SOLD] Rotisserie

    PM sent; do you have the piece to tie them together?
  12. moparlvr166

    Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

    Kern Dog, which way do you prefer for power assist, H/Boost or vacuum?
  13. moparlvr166

    Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

    More weight on larger wheels to stop. Look into a Dual Diaphragm Booster from a truck for more assist to increase pressure.
  14. moparlvr166

    Windshield washer tank

    My 64 Dart had a factory bag hanging on a bracket. I have no picture.
  15. moparlvr166

    Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

    Lack of stopping power can be caused by too many reasons, pad quality, to small of pads to rotor surface. I don't believe you have that problem due to the disc kits you installed, you've tried other size m/cylinders, I would look into more assist to increase the pressure with the larger bore...
  16. moparlvr166

    Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

    You have a few nice cars, what car are we talking about?
  17. moparlvr166

    Drivetrain vibration/noise

    Vibration or noises can be hard to confirm causes, I've learned to 1st drive vehicle and determine if it's worse by load, RPM's or speed sensitive. then when driving get to speed when you hear or feel problem the worst shift to neutral and coast then get back to same speed and back to neutral...
  18. moparlvr166

    Are these the wrong swap mounts for a Magnum?

    You just missed an opportunity to get a 5.9 magnum to fit the mount lol.
  19. moparlvr166

    63 Dart ignition issue

    Ign 1 should be blue to one side of ballast resistor and Ign 2 brown to other side of ballast resistor (same side goes to + of coil).
  20. moparlvr166

    63 Dart ignition issue

    I read your build a few days ago, great job, when you replaced your wire harness you need to have ign 1 in run position and ing 2 in crank position if you are still using factory ballast resistor
  21. moparlvr166

    Anyone building this transmission stand? "Nick Garage"

    I have 2 old THM 350 input shafts I install into the tabs on both sides of case near rear of pan rail and when trans is upside down on a bench the pan is level. you can also make your own shafts.
  22. moparlvr166

    [FOR SALE] 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Parting Out

    Thanks for the info, I will pass. I'm sure someone closer will get them.
  23. moparlvr166

    [FOR SALE] 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Parting Out

    How is the 4 speed hump with shipping to 91786 and a separate price for the console
  24. moparlvr166

    727 help

    I can't tell you how many times I've replaced a fuel filter when the customer stated the trans wont up shift on acceleration. Most times with plug wires causing a problem will be with a misfire and will cause a pop shaking feel, if engine only gets to 4000 rpms and won't go higher it's more like...
  25. moparlvr166

    727 help

    If I remember correctly reverse manual valve body had no throttle linkage needed (Mopar kit) and governor pressure not needed? As stated above double check fluid level.
  26. moparlvr166

    Crime and cost of living in your area.

    Everything is expensive that's the cost of paying for nice weather, low 80's on Christmas day, other days when it snows drive 30 minutes up the mountains and play in the snow with the kids, nice times. Ignore the politics due to most things I vote for don't win. You just need to know the rules...
  27. moparlvr166

    Hood stripes added

    Thanks for the info, looks good.
  28. moparlvr166

    Hood stripes added

    Looks nice and blends in with the blacked-out chrome, you get extra credit to spend time with kids. Question did you use paint or black vinyl on bumpers wing window chrome?
  29. moparlvr166

    800 mile roadtrip

    If all above information fails, Roadside assistance card.