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    buying a car out of state

    If it is in So Nevada/So California/Arizona I will look at it and the paperwork if you like. I am racing in Arizona in a couple weeks. I consult in So California every week. I have been involved with Mopars for 60 plus years. I had owned several Auto Dealerships for40 years. No Charge = I like...
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    Firm feel adjustable a body strut rods

    I would call or E Mail them to check. I would use their bushings if it was me. They are great people and will not lead you wrong. I sold them a Max Wedge car a few years ago and know them personally.
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    I have used it with no issues.
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    Sharing a link , any one in Nevada .

    I know Doug. He is an honest guy. His yard was sold and he has to vacate. He is an expert on all Mopars. He is also an excellent drag racer.
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    What's this part called?

    I removed them on all my cars and have since to mid 70s. they might help hold the fender in place if it was severely rusted but we do not get much rust out in the desert.
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    9,815 mile 71 Demon 340 6-Pak Mr. Norm Survivor

    109,815 ? I wonder about the miles.
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    Dodge King Daytona is the most powerful muscle car you can buy

    MY C8 Corvette is 495 HP and runs up here at Altitude 11.41 @ 118.50 My C7 Z06 is 650 HP and runs 10.81 @130 Both my Valiants run in the 10 Sec. range. Everyone of them is a blast to Drive on the Road! However, I do live in Dry Desolate Nevada Desert!
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    Steve Comella defends Hemi Challenge title at Indy

    One of the Best things I treasure in this life is making great family memories with your son. Google: John Irving Drag Racer To see some of ours!
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    Steve Comella defends Hemi Challenge title at Indy

    I never beat against their car winning. Charlie Westcott (sic) Engine Power= Hemi Militia
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    Confirm torq. specs.

    But: Not too big a pull unless you enjoy Helicoils I usually use two fingers
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    71 Cuda Mecum auction

    One is a Hemi!
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    71 Cuda Mecum auction

    In 2006 a 71 Hemi Cuda matching #s brought $2,600,000.00 at Barrett.
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    71 TQ info

    Easy fix You are getting bargains I paid nearly $500 for a used one a couple week ago that was similar!!
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    71 TQ info

    No Sir = those are 1971 340 production carbs. The Competition Series are 850 and 1000 race carbs that are completely different animals. (I have been hoarding one of each).
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    71 TQ info

    Many of the 71 carbs were replaced under warranty by 72 carbs by the dealers. This was because of drivability issues! This helps to explain why they are hard to find. I do not recommend them for a daily driver The best performance calibrations were the 9800 followed by 9801/9810/9811 all...
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    71 TQ info

    Expect to pay $500 to $800 for a used core without any work on it.
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    71 TQ info

    The 71 are totally unique. They are faster on our stockers by 1 to 2 MPH The only carbs that are nearly as fast are the "Super Quad" 9800 carb. The next best are 9801/9810/9811. The reasons are too complicated to go thru hear and only of interest to Stock and Superstock Racers. The all require...
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    Inner Axle Housing Seal

    Are not the Green bearings weaker on side load and not as desirable as stock bearings for a street driver? That is what I heard years ago. I run them on the race cars and never had an incident and no seal.
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    What are these for ?

    I assume that they are Wheel studs = Perhaps for a different year or brake. The A body wheel Studs that I have ever seen that were lefts were 7/16 NOT 1/2.
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    Now that’s a nice find of some parts

    We usually use Aftermarket Caps unless it is a pretty low HP Deal! We have broken several stock caps = No power adders either added!
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    Not mine but looks like a good deal for someone close.

    In our Sonic testing the early 360 Blocks are significantly generally thicker walls and less core shift. Look for block with 34xxxxx OR 36xxxxx numbers. I would buy that in a Hot Minute if it was not 2,000 Miles away!
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    318 Flex plate question/ help

    That is a bargain for a SFI Flexplate!!
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    Man getting motivated is hard

    What keeps me motivated and working 12 Hours every day between the Trailer Building and Race Cars and Equipment = I have seen my friends retire and sit on the couch and watch TV -- Then they are dead in a year or two. Kinda like a Car that is Parted too long! My kids promised me that on the Day...
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    Man getting motivated is hard

    Speaking from Experience = I can assure you gentlemen that you will NOT LIKE your 70's and you will struggle thru them! Then Again = I still beats the Alternative!
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    Speedmaster rockers

    Wow: That is the clearest easiest to understand explanation that I have ever read on this. All I every do is confuse the heck out of people!
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    Speedmaster rockers

    We build trailers........................I tell the guy that are looking at them: You but the Best AND you Only cry once!!! I pride myself on building budget race cars but some things are false economy. I
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    Speedmaster rockers

    Absolutely right!! I have seen guys stamp the number on the rod and have it stress crack and break from that spot in 10 passes or less. Forget about the rockers = On my street 10 sec. valiant with just 140 Lbs on the seat they broke a 1/2 Dozen @ 1000 Ft mark (5500 RPM) Pins and rollers f...
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    Speedmaster rockers

    You would need to set them up on the car to know for sure the length is correct. The adjuster positioning is fairly critical. Let me know if you need help measuring as I am in Vegas a couple days a week and would be happy to lend a hand with the measurement.
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    Speedmaster rockers

    I have not heard of SNA Rockers?