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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Every now and then, there is still a deal to be had.

    First off, its been a while since I have been on FABO. A ton of things have changed in my life since my last post. But those are all stories for other days. This post is to show that every now and then, you can still find a deal. I just recently was given a lead to a 69 340 Swinger that was...
  2. J-MacsMopars

    “NOT FOR SALE. I’ll get to it one day” who else has cars like this?

    Who else has cars sitting there rotting away that they will get to one day? Here’s my TB3 72 Demon 340 3spd rotting over 2000 miles from home. I’m going to get it in June, but then it will continue to sit as I have other irons in the fire. At least it will be inside once I get it home.
  3. J-MacsMopars

    Been a really long time. Here’s what I have been up to

    Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I have been active here. I’m hoping some of the ‘old timers’ remember me. I now live way up in the Rockies in Colorado, and am still playing with cars. These are my two current A-bodies that are worth mentioning. 1971 Duster Twister original EL5...
  4. J-MacsMopars

    Ants have invaded my car. Best way to get rid of them.

    I have had to store my car in my friends back yard for the last five weeks and I am getting ready to move it. I came over today and for some reason ants have turned the trunk into their home. There is no food in the car, I made sure it was clean before parking it, but they turned one box in...
  5. J-MacsMopars

    Don't take life to serious. Serious health scare and reality check

    This crazy life we live, where we are more worried about our jobs than our life. Recently, I was more worried about loosing my job than I was my health. I was sick and I knew it. I just wanted to wait till my weekend before going to see the Doctor as I had already missed a few days for being...
  6. J-MacsMopars

    Monday's haven't been good for me. accident in the duster today

    Hey everyone. Been a while since I posted an in depth thread about anything, so figured I would check in. The last several Monday's have not been good to me and today was no different. Today I was driving down the road and hit a piece of concrete that has caused a lot of damage. Basically it's...
  7. J-MacsMopars

    Not a mopar, but how could you pass this up for $500

    found a legit Barn Find. Guy wanted $500 and I secretly have always wanted one. Anyone know anything about them?
  8. J-MacsMopars

    A reason that owners let their cars sit and rot

    The reason people would rather let a car sit and rot vs sell I have sold hundreds of muscle cars over the last 15 years and really enjoyed doing so up until the last few years. I have noticed, and I am sure a lot of other people have as well that over the last five or so years, potential...
  9. J-MacsMopars

    Need advice from Step Fathers/Fathers please

    Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much. My life is actually the best its been in years and I am so happy. I have met a wonderful girl that is amazing and things are great. I am trying to be the best man I can be and I think I am doing pretty good. She has two little boys, ages four and...
  10. J-MacsMopars

    2000+ mile road trip in the Duster, going to be heading up I-84 on Monday

    As you may or may not know, I picked up this Duster a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it. It needed a bit of work here and there, but over all is in really good condition with 53300 original miles (at purchase). It does have a 318 that has been rebuilt and uses 340 X heads along with...
  11. J-MacsMopars

    Its Mushroom season...

    Hey everyone. Been a while since I have been here. Jacked my back, back up and have been really down and not wanting to live anymore... So, I am trying to boost my mood and spend time in nature. I am only allowed to work four hours a day, so I get to spend time walking awesome nature trails...
  12. J-MacsMopars

    The all new "It's time to get out and get fit" thread

    Hey everyone. As a lot of you know, I recently had a back injury and required surgery. This whole event has really woke me up to getting into shape. I have decided that starting on Monday, Aug. 12 I am completely changing my life style and habits. I have already been working on eating better and...
  13. J-MacsMopars

    Just had back surgery

    Hey all, Just got home yesterday from having back surgery. Overall, I feel much better. They told me that part of my disk had actually broke off and was floating around bouncing on the nerves, not good. But I am healing now. I have a few things that I was supposed to send out rite before...
  14. J-MacsMopars

    The Maturity level of FABO members...

    The Maturity level of FABO members... Hello friends, I was recently looking at a thread over on FCBO and read a very interesting thread about a mopar from I noticed that pretty much everyone had really good things to say about this car, all these GM guys admiring a Mopar. Then I...
  15. J-MacsMopars

    The I feel like **** and and workers comp is taking forever rant thread

    First off, I need to rant and ***** about a few things that are royally pissing me off rite now. So if you read this, I'm sorry. lol As some of you know, I recently messed my back up pretty bad in a little accident at work. I ruptured my L3 disk and basically blew the L4 disk out. It's...
  16. J-MacsMopars

    Went to an all mopar wrecking yard today.

    I needed to get out of the house today for a bit of fresh air and try to get my mind off of my back pain. So I decided to walk around Wildcat Mopars for a little bit. I took a few pictures, but didn't do anything to special due to my stupid back. Here's a few pics, I will post more later.
  17. J-MacsMopars

    Awesome photos of whats around us. Anyone else use Instagram

    Hey everyone. I know I haven't been on much recently. I have been really enjoying life in the city and really focusing on my other hobby, photography. I am working on getting a nice camera so that I can take clearer pictures. But here are a few I have taken. Also, if you have instagram, you can...
  18. J-MacsMopars

    This guy is amazing (seasick steve), just thought i'd share

    This is amazing. Real talent rite here. Seasick Steve "Back In The Dog House" - AllSaints Basement Sessions - YouTube
  19. J-MacsMopars

    Any Coin/antique currency collectors here?

    Well everyone, my truck broke down and I need some money, so I am thinking of selling my childhood coin collection. I am trying to get an idea of what its worth. Is there anyone here that might could help? Detail shots at the link...
  20. J-MacsMopars

    Hello old friends, long time no see... I finely moved to Portland! :) Lots of pics

    Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much for the last little while. Its been a crazy few months. In June, I went on a vacation and visited Portland again and it really made me crazy to move here. Since then I have done everything I could to get here. I sold all of my cars and parts and...
  21. J-MacsMopars

    Different/interesting ways to say I QUIT

    Well, I am sick and tired of my job and am ready to get a new one. What are some interesting, memorable ways to say I QUIT?
  22. J-MacsMopars

    I traded my Dart of for .....

    Well, I traded my black slant six dart off to a guy for a sweet little car. I am not sure why he wanted to trade, but I am sure glad he did as I love this new car. I will miss the little Dart, but this 63 Dodge 880 will fill the void well. The car is a 361 push button auto and is very...
  23. J-MacsMopars

    Thinking that I might trade all my cars/parts for one thats ready for action.

    I am thinking of going fishing just to see the offers. Have any of you ever traded all your projects and parts for a car thats closer to what you want? What was your experiance?
  24. J-MacsMopars

    Getting my first ink in 20 minutes. :)

    I am getting my first two tats in 20 minutes. Little nervous, but excited. :) any advice?
  25. J-MacsMopars

    SCORE!!!!! Just picked up a Survivor

    So last week at work, we had something unusual traded in and my boss basically forced me to buy it. He even told me he would carry the loan if I bought it. This has got to be about the cleanest 1985 Dodge truck i have ever seen. It has 102k miles and there is not a lick of rust anywhere. It is a...
  26. J-MacsMopars

    Spring time!!!! Painted my grille

    Finally!!! I love the weather. :) I was bored today and did a quicky grille painting. Looks good from a distance, but really is a pretty crappy job. My first time ever though.
  27. J-MacsMopars

    Spring time!!!!

    Finally!!! I love the weather. :)
  28. J-MacsMopars

    Non car people and their crazy fuel saving ideas.

    As some of you know, I work as a service advisor at a car dealership. With this position I get to see some crazy things, recently with fuel prices getting higher, people come up with some interesting ideas. Everyone knows the trick of pumping up your tires a few pounds, how ever somepeople take...
  29. J-MacsMopars

    Are these 68-70 340 manifolds?

    Just went to check some stuff out and found these. I can't find any part numbers, but I think they are the early 340 manifolds. Am I correct? What's a fair price?
  30. J-MacsMopars

    Lets see pics from the front door of your place of business

    Oh my is in beautiful here in Cache Valley Utah today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Nothing like a great day to be waisted sitting at work. Let's see what you all see looking out the front door/window of your place of business. Out the front, And out back,