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    1" bore master cylinder ?

    15/16 is closest I know of and what we run.
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    Need brakes for 8 3/4 rear end 5x4.5in pattern

    Stock drum would be OK on a budget. Most of you stopping in on the front and that is where I would invest to money. I have a lot of all this stuff and I am on Nevada/Arizona border. There are different brake components depending on if your rear end is out of a A body or B body originally
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    Wilwood Caliper Piston Seals - Defective

    Not pleased with Wilwood products: When they change something they often quit making replacement parts for the old item
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    Disc Brake Conversion Failing

    Save a LOT of problems and talk to Cass!!
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    Disc Brake Conversion Failing

    Pull the rear drums and inspect of leaks and foreign material on the brake shoes. Some of the Masters look similar BUT have different front to rear proportions built into them IE: 61 to 39 or 69 to 31 are two I remember. I use 61 to 39 that was a Mopar Perf part. Also make sure residual...
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    10x1.75 to 10x2.5 brake swap

    I thought I remembered that the Axle Back spacing was DIFFERENT between the A and B Body Axles. Please correct me if I am wrong?