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    440 valve rocker arm shaft questions

    Better off to buy Adjustable rockers and save yourself some problems!
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    383 piston recommendation

    Nope = Not at Zero Deck and a Flat top Piston!
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    What are the best small block to big block conversion mounts?

    Schumachers are now built and sold at Motech Perf. in Murrieta, California. They are a nice product and the owner Chris will go out of his way to help you. He did that for me consistently!!
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    500 vs 512 from 400ci

    The cold weather blocks that I have all have the 230 casting # Twice as large as regular 230 Block. The have consistently Sonic trested great. The other small letter 230 block = Not so much at all. Brandon 440 Source Web Site explains the Main Web difference very well.
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    500 vs 512 from 400ci

    I have always used a Aftermarket Block @ 750+ HP. I use 230 cold weather blooks on our Stocker but it is 475 to 500 HP.
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    Any advice on my 440 recipe?

    Those would be an excellent choice and well worth the investment!
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    Any advice on my 440 recipe?

    If the piston skirts are very worn = It is likely that the ring lands on the piston are also work which will destroy the ring seal! New cast pistons are not expensive. Also if the pistons are are more than 50 down in the hole (I have seen them 100 plus in late engines) it will really hurt...
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    Going Price for Complete Good Used Big Block 915 Heads

    There are several stock eliminator combos early to mid 60's that supersede to the 915 Big Block head and it is hard to find a nice set that have been sitting for years and do not have sunk valves and beat up seats.
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    Going Price for Complete Good Used Big Block 915 Heads

    I have sold several pairs of good core 915s for $350 to $400 in the last 6 months
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    Eagle Crank, should I buy it?

    By the part number it looks like a 3.9 stroke crank for a 440 Main size = Not a 400 for 3.75?
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    Eagle Crank, should I buy it?

    You can take a production forged 440 crank and turn the mains down to 400 size for less and have a much better crankshaft. Very popular years ago and pistons are available. 471 CID.
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    rod bearing clearance

    Myself I would not use a synthetic oil until a couple hundred miles and I was absolutely sure ring were well seated. Not knowing your ring and cylinder wall finish
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    rod bearing clearance

    It is a bit on the tight side but it is still acceptable. Race or StreetStrip?
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    True deck

    More like $250. out West. Depending on how many cuts it takes.
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    Adjustable Rockerarms that Fit Under Factory Valve Covers?

    Max Wedge Cast Iron or Isky Adjustable rockers Similiar design to small block but way stronger. Beware of new Chinese Junk rollers particularly in a streetcar! You should be able to find a nice low mileage set for 300 to 375! Complete with spacers and shafts! Let me know if you want me to look?
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    Orange Box?

    But a big improvement over the points and stock setup!!
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    # 6 spark plug access hole Big Block

    I have several Big Block A Bodies with different brand of headers (Currently TTI/Pro Parts/Hooker/Hedman) and I have never had to cut any Holes anywhere to change plugs or have to lift engine. Worst case has been box wrench on end of socket on #6 on TTI's.
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    400 Cylinder Walls Breaking ???

    We have had a few serious cylinder problems with the 400 Blocks We now run exclusively the 400 Cold weather early blocks out of medium duty trucks. Easiest way to tell is the early casting # PLUS casting number is TWICE as large on the side of block. Google John Irving Drag Racer To see our...
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    B series heads?

    A B and RB heads are interchangeable on all the blocks and can be used and fit perfect well. On the flow bench the 906 are the best with the 915 close behind and the 516 well behind.
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    Pushrod Question

    I think you need to send them back. They will not fit securely in the lifter if it has the smaller diameter circle. Try testing one in your new lifters and see.
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    383 N/A fit under a stock A body hood with a dual plane manifold

    Even the 440's did as well. I had a M code 69 Dart GTS.
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    383 Harmonic balancer question

    Another serious issue with a 50 year old balancer is that the rubber deteriorates badly without being obvious from the outside. This causes the top to slip in relationship to the bottom ring. This causes a vibration as well AND as it slip makes the timing wildly inaccurate as the top moves in...
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    383 Harmonic balancer question

    They are easy to identify = there is a large amount of Side weight present on the Balancer. Out of the Millions ( I think 8,000,000 of 383 ) I believe that well less than one in a hundred had the cast crank so the are not real common. I am not sure they had the same Design and Diameter on the...
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    383 Harmonic balancer question

    Yes I was there in and out with Matt from Glendora Dodge my sponsor and friend for 40 plus years. I told a lot of stories that I do not dare post!
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    383 Harmonic balancer question

    I Believe someone has drill a bunch of holes to balance an Aftermarket Rotating Assembly. If you have a stock factory weight assembly it would be throw the engine way out of balance. I have been around these cars since new and I have not seen a balancer drilled like that one out of the...