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    I am not convinced that the engine is original. If it was = It is a bargain!
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    Pinion Angle Help

    They make different degree wedges that go between the springs and rear end. i would put a one and a two degree together. Any spring shop or Summit or Jegs should carry them
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    Pinion Angle Help

    You want your rear yolk to be DOWN about two degree from your driveshaft on your 4 speed car NOT up! When you drop the clutch the rear end will lift and the yoke will point more upward than static.
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    Pinion Angle Help

    You understand the angles are measured from the orientation of the drive shaft NOT the angles from the ground (That is irrelevant).
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    Offset motor mounts

    Mopar offsets them for steering clearance. They have since the 50s as I recall.
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    Hedman 75110 fenderwell header cut out templates

    They do not want any excess weight reduction in Stock/SS they DQed my car in 77 at Winternationals and it took all night to fab and weld enough of the fenderwell back in from a wrecked 64 from the wrecking yard in Pomona. After that you would have to remove engine to get header out.
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    Hedman 75110 fenderwell header cut out templates

    None of the fenderwell headers I have ever bought can with templates. I wish they did. Maybe they may now as this was years ago. Start small a work you way up =It is hard to put the fenderwell back in. NHRA only allows 1 inch around the header for installation.
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    Rolled back odometer anyone?

    I had thought that somewhere in the mid 70s Mopar put a scraper piece that scraped the 10,000 digit when it turned over to next one or two