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    [Found!] Wanted 73 to 76 Duster/Dart Sport (Rolling)

    My buddy crashed his 73 Duster Stocker (One of Worlds Fastest 340s) thru the lights today when he was hit by a LO23 Hemi Belvedere. He is looking for another rust free or nearly so Body. He will pay top dollar and buy immediately!
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    [Found!] Need V8 904 Core or Case in So Cal or So Nevada

    My boy broke the rear end in his 10 Second 360 Valiant and destroyed the overriding clutch. It is pressed in not bolted like 727. I would like to find one I can pick up in So Cal or Nevada soon. He is qualified and entered in Div 7 Bracket Finals next week and l have built a new rear end and...
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    [Found!] Clean 70 to 76 A body (Running or Not)

    Trying to buy a car for my son for his Birthday Running gear not super important as we have 5000' shop full of mechanical stuff and some sheet metal. We have a dozen Mopar race and show cars. Looking for something to make a Daily Driver. We can buy a nice complete car as well. We will pay...