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  1. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] WTB: set of 14x5.5 small bolt (340) wheels

    I just picked up a 69 Dart Swinger 340 and I am looking for a full set of 14x5.5 (340) wheels. I want the plane steel ones that accept dog dish caps. I will be in Vegas for MATS the 18-20 and would be glad to meet there. Let me know what you have. Thank you. Jeremy
  2. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] original Direct Connection Duster/Demon spoiler

    I am looking for an original, in nice condition Direct Connection spoiler for a Dart Sport, Demon, or Duster. Please DM me with info and pics. Thank you. Jeremy
  3. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] Looking for small block tunnel ram and carbs

    Hey all. I'm looking for a small block tunnel ram set up. Carbs can need rebuilt, intake can look nasty. I don't care for what I need it for. But it does have to be in good shape with no cracks or breaks. Would like it to have linkage and what not. I'm located in Portland, OR. Must be able to...
  4. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] Looking for these Cragar center caps Cragar SST

    I am looking for these center caps for my Cragar SST's. Let me know if you have any. Located in Portland, or
  5. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] Cragar SST wheels.

    I am looking for a pair of Cragar SST wheels with very nice chrome. The can be direct bold 5on4.5 or unilug. I am specifically looking for a pair of 14x7 or 14x8 with 3.5" to 4" backspace. Will consider other backspace as long as they fit other criteria. I am also looking for the early center...
  6. J-MacsMopars

    [WANTED] Duster parts wanted

    Since it doesn't seem that anyone is interested in my Duster, I will keep it and keep doing things to it. I am going to start that hunt for a few items I want for it. First is a 73-76 Dart sport hood scoop. I want an original in good condition. Second is I would like to find a Direct...
  7. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: Real 68 HEMI Dart project

    I am posting this for a good friend of mine. He is looking for a REAL 68 HEMI Dart project. MUST be the real deal with documentation. Has cash plus many different options of mopars including real 69 1/2 A12 cars and 70 V code cars. Tips are appreciated and compensation will be given for tip...
  8. J-MacsMopars

    $$$$ WANTED: Dodge "DART" fender emblems $$$$

    Hey all, I am looking for a pair of Dodge "DART" fender emblems for a 1973 Dart. I would like nice driver quality ones. Cash waiting in PayPal. Thanks
  9. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: 73-75 Dart Hood Scoop

    I am looking for the OEM style 73 and up dart sport hood scoop. I would like OEM or nice reproduction. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Jeremy Have parts to trade and or cash.
  10. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: 73-75 Dart Hood Scoop

    I am looking for a factory 73-76 Dart hood scoop. PM me what you have ~Thanks
  11. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: 5.2-5.9 Magnum Edelbrock intake

    I need a Magnum Edelbrock intake. PM with what you have. Thanks
  12. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: Rear sway bar kit for 1974 Dart Sport.

    I am looking for a Rear Sway bar kit for a 74 Dart Sport. PM with what you have. ~Thanks
  13. J-MacsMopars

    Wanted: Short list of 73-75 Dart Sport parts

    Hey all, here is a list of a few parts I am looking for. I may have stuff to trade or can pay cash. I am on a budget, but let me know what you have and how much. Thanks, Jeremy Car tuff wheel adaptor Driver side painted rally mirror Fender emblems "DART" "Sport" "340" Factory hood scoop
  14. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: Two sbp center line solid mods.

    I need two Small Bolt 14x6,7, or 8 Center Line Solid mods. Most be in decent streetable condition. Also looking for all 20 lug nuts, 10 RH and 10 LH. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  15. J-MacsMopars

    Want to trade? I need Cragars and have VERY nice rallys

    I am looking for a set of 15" cragars. I would like two 15x6 or 7's and two 15x8's. They need to be 5 on 4.5 bold circle. I am actually hoping to find a set that has a little rust and pitting. They must be straight though. I have a nice set of 14" rallys with good BFG radial T/A's on them. I...
  16. J-MacsMopars

    Wanted: 71-4 B-body pass side rally mirror

    I am looking for a pass side rally mirror for my wagon. I need a 71-74 vintage. I don't have allot of cash, but I do have Snap-On tools that I can possibly trade. Please Email me with what you have. Thanks, Jeremy
  17. J-MacsMopars

    WANTED: 68-69 Vintage 426 HEMI

    WANTED: Serious cash buyer looking for a 68-69 vintage 426 HEMI block with caps. The block must be bored .030 or less. Please no repaired or damaged blocks. We are also looking for heads and rockers. Please Email me at with info. Thanks, Jeremy
  18. J-MacsMopars

    Wanted: 67-69 B-cuda front bumperets

    Hey everyone. I am trying to help a good friend of mine out and would like to find a set of front Bumperets for a 67-69 B-cuda. I would hope to find some in decent condition, but let me know what you have. You can Email me personally at Thanks, Jeremy
  19. J-MacsMopars

    I need two 1" wheel spacers

    I am looking for two one inch wheel spacers for 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern. Please let me know if you have any you want to sell. Thanks, Jeremy
  20. J-MacsMopars

    Needed: stocj Rear leaf spring shackles for Duster

    I need a set of rear leaf spring shackles for my Duster. I want stock ones. Any help would be great. Thanks, Jeremy
  21. J-MacsMopars

    1973 Plymouth Duster Promos

    I am looking for a 73 Duster Promo. I prefer blue, but will take any color. Let me know what you have. I am also looking for 73 Plymouth Duster Dealer and Factory information. It will pay off for anyone that enjoys 73 Dusters.
  22. J-MacsMopars

    wanted to trade ....

    I have several A-body parts that I want to trade for parts that I need. I have; 1 pair 70-76 bucket seats in nice condition 1 pair 73 340 exhaust manifolds 1 pass side 70-76 bucket seat core 1 manual disk brake big bolt pattern set up And other stuff. If you need anything, please ask. I have...
  23. J-MacsMopars

    I need 73 up small block motor mounts.

    Hello everyone. I need a set of 73 newer A-body v8 motor mounts. I may have some other A-body stuff to trade or cash. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. Jeremy
  24. J-MacsMopars

    Wanted: Information on 68 SS b-cuda hoodscoop.

    I am looking for information on Super Stock Barracuda hood scoops. Are there anyone that reproduces the hoods or a hood scoop? Thanks, Jeremy
  25. J-MacsMopars

    Looking for 73-74 duster parts

    I am looking for a few duster parts. I need a 73 grille and a pass side front fender. I also need Tail lights and duel sport mirrors. Prefer painted but either way. I have to trade if interested; Dodge Challenger pass side door. Rust free and straight. Rust free Dutchmans panel. (the panel under...