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  1. slantflat

    Bf Goodrich brown walls

    Sort of related, has anyone heard if this same thing happens on the current wide white Silvertowns?
  2. slantflat

    Was there ever a "no radio installed" option?

    My 68 Valiant is the same, blanking plate over where the radio would go and no hole in the fender.
  3. slantflat

    Windshield swapping

    Okay thanks guys.
  4. slantflat

    Windshield swapping

    Hi everyone. Do any of the windshields interchange between the 67-69 Valiants and Barracudas? ie Will a windshield from a two door Valiant fit a 4 door, or one from a convertible fit a 4 door, etc. ? Thanks everyone.
  5. slantflat

    1963 Barracuda convertible

    I read about this car not too long ago, I thought it was on FABO. The story went it was a styling excercise(not for anyone's wife) and they took a Barracuda off the line, and were going to put Formula S badges on it. The then current owner asked someone associated with the build about it, and...
  6. slantflat

    Md State Police seek info about hit & run

    I kinda think the Chevelle brake checked the truck as the truck was speeding up. If both vehicles were driving I don't see how the truck could have done that much damage. Now, maybe after initial contact the Chevelle was on the brakes trying to stop from being pushed into the field. That Ford...
  7. slantflat

    Anyone Been to PikesPeak as a Tourist

    The place grew. When I was up there as a kid it was 14,110 feet. Still have the shirt that says it.
  8. slantflat

    flat towing - whos done it? pros and cons

    Be sure you can see the car from where you are sitting. If you lose a tire and can't see it, the tire will disintegrate and flying rubber will beat the hell out of the car and everyone behind you.
  9. slantflat

    Cat Piss.

  10. slantflat

    Cat Piss.

    I think it's rather succinct.
  11. slantflat

    Indy 500

    I always watched to see the Pace Car. I never remember seeing anything about what the Pace Car was going to be, and we only found out when the race started. Well, except for the 78 Corvette. That one seemed to be a big deal. Now its a Corvette every year yawn.
  12. slantflat

    They copied the right car

    Hm, the chinese are a little late. Dodge LeFemme... Actually that's a pretty cool looking car. How hard would it be to put regular looking VW stuff in place of the chineseum, redo the interior a little bit, and voila a 4 door Beetle.
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    Slant Six 170 vs. 225

    Okay why no dual exhaust?
  14. slantflat


    So could you tell/show the man the error of his ways, so he doesn't continue to make these types of repairs on other vehicles that he ends up selling. The fatality in a wreck could be him or someone in his family you'd be doing him a huge favor actually.
  15. slantflat

    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    Lots to think about, thanks guys. As far as budget, I can't afford something brand new but only a few years old would probably be okay. This car is actually going to sit a lot, it would only be driven when my Mom is with me, I'd drive something else when I'm schlepping my dog around or going...
  16. slantflat

    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    The Cherokee will lower for getting in and out? The town I'm from originally had city busses that would "kneel" when they stopped for the people. I was thinking before that I needed a car that would kneel. I'm gonna check this out. Again, thanks everyone.
  17. slantflat

    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    Thanks everyone. I forgot about the Renegade, I like those. Also looks like it would be a good fit for someone not quite fully mobile. I appreciate all the responses. Times were I could look at a few cars and know what I wanted/needed. It's tough trying to find something for someone else...
  18. slantflat

    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    Hi everyone. Been looking for a car that an elderly person who doesn't walk well, would find fairly easy to get in and get out of. I'm thinking about a Jeep Patriot or Jeep Compass. Right now we ride around in a first gen Ford Transit Connect. Low passenger seat, wide passenger door, these...
  19. slantflat

    Why a Jeep Owner Is Being Sued for a Mechanic's Death During a Dealership Oil Change

    I would think the laws of manslaughter would apply, not workman's comp.
  20. slantflat

    Car hauler trailers

    My suggestion is to get the 5200# axles. With the lesser axles you are at 7000, consider the weight of the trailer itself, and then you put any full sized vehicle on it and you're close to the max. Get the biggest and best trailer you can afford, even if you think you don't need it. I have a...
  21. slantflat

    Anybody Ever Seen One In Person?

    See them all the time when I go over there. My big mistake was not bringing one back with me before the prices went out of sight.
  22. slantflat

    color of Turbine car... Question

    I didn't. The car was yellow and I didn't want to take the interior apart to paint the metal surfaces. I didn't think the yellow and bronze were a good fit.
  23. slantflat

    color of Turbine car... Question

    I had the idea one time to paint one of my Oldsmobiles Turbine car Turbine Bronze, and emailed Chrysler to ask for the paint code. A nice woman wrote back and said that was a one-off color and was so metallic the company's restoration department couldn't give me a code because it would be too...
  24. slantflat

    "A man and his dog"...great read

    Also reminds me of the Australian movie Red Dog.
  25. slantflat

    "A man and his dog"...great read

    I've known that story for years. I love, love it. First time I had seen the movie about Mr. Simpson and Rip, or read about Shep. I'm gonna hug my boy a little tighter tonight.
  26. slantflat

    Any advice for painting concrete?

    I appreciate all the replies. Gonna talk to the SW guy next week.
  27. slantflat

    other AMC owners?

    My Dad drove Ambassador and Matador wagons for company cars in the 70s. They always needed to be worked on. He was so well known at the service department they'd come get him and bring him home. I'd go with and hang out in the showroom, much to the salesmen's chagrin I'm sure. My favorite...
  28. slantflat

    Any advice for painting concrete?

    Thanks everyone. I've got a Sherwin Williams place in town, I will stop in and have them set me up. Really appreciate all the responses.
  29. slantflat

    Any advice for painting concrete?

    Hi everyone. I want to paint the concrete walls in my basement. They are poured concrete. Do I need to prep the surface with a primer first or can I just start painting? Is there a concrete specific paint I should use or should I use a good exterior paint? I want to use gloss paint. I'll...
  30. slantflat

    Your Favorite Abody

    1968 Valiant. Preferably the 4 door. My Grandmother bought one brand new and she gave it to me in 1987 just before she died. I consider it to be an heirloom.