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  1. jazak5

    [WANTED] 67 barracuda trim clips

    ‘68 Barracuda Fastback rear trim fasteners
  2. jazak5

    roller cams for la 360 /questions

    thanks for the consideration on that cam// but ii will pass at this time
  3. jazak5

    oil pan fit ?

    the reg said it was a 93 3500 dually and this is what I pulled out myself/ I got what I wanted //360 la roller cam block
  4. jazak5

    oil pan fit ?

    ok Ill have to get one thanks//someone here was looking for a rear sump oil stick/Ill see if I can help him out
  5. jazak5

    oil pan fit ?

    I have a 93 la 360 truck engine will the oil pan fit my 69 A body K frame ? (barracuda)
  6. jazak5

    dash bezel

    sale is over // 550 to my door // over $130 off on a NON A/C with the glove box bezel !!! !! Order summary 316-69KIT Mopar 1968-69 A-body Rallye Dash Bezel Kit (NO AC) × 1 $521.99 USD Subtotal $521.99 USD Shipping $29.28 USD Taxes $0.00 USD Total $551.27 USD how ever I would sign...
  7. jazak5

    If you ever need a windshield, try these guys

    uuugh no video ??
  8. jazak5

    dash bezel

    Took advantage of the P&G sale//pulled the trigger on it... Winter project/gathering my acorns...
  9. jazak5

    340 has me stumped

    The pro's know their stuff! I have had to do a few things to get my stock 340 to run right #1 I am quite sure the avs2 is as vulnerable as my stock avs 5lbs of fuel pressure TOPS and as stated in many build posts dial your fuel pressure in !st then your float level//to much and you can...
  10. jazak5

    roller cams for la 360 /questions

    how good are the factory roller lifters? will they handle occasional 6000rpms? same spring pressures as a hyd flat tappet? /I believe Oregon cams can regrind my cam for some performance ? 1969 barracuda 3000lbs/ /727 auto with a 3000 stall TQ 3.23 rear 14-inch tires just looking for a torque...
  11. jazak5

    distributor gear ???

    "93 360 LA roller cam block , has no distributor thus no gear is it special?? can I use a normal flat tappet dizzy?
  12. jazak5

    High torque 360 LA build camshaft recommendations

    mopars are not chevys and not everything works together /with those 273 heads you're going to lucky to see 3000 rpms! you're still going to need air to build torque just less overlap to build cylinder pressure
  13. jazak5

    Parts sale in progress....PG Classics

    that is the cheapest price I have ever seen one the non ac dash bezel even /pre covid! its back ordered but I have all winter coming.....
  14. jazak5


    once you figure out if they are standard or metric you can look at these
  15. jazak5

    Help with brakes.

    still could be a bad M/C you said drums all around? looks like you have a disk brake M/C no residual valve ..
  16. jazak5

    [WANTED] 67 Dart front speaker

    this might work if you don't have a mental block or a 110-point car/ not going to see it under the cloth RetroSound S-412 or this claiming 4-8 ohms...
  17. jazak5

    Dash painted or factory?

    thumb wheel radio frame ? what color? how much ? what do you think shipping to 12051 would be ?
  18. jazak5

    How do you straighten a k-frame off the car? Is it worth it?

    QA1 coil overs and a rack and pinion !!!!
  19. jazak5

    Oiling pattern on inside of new valve covers.

    Valve Cover Gaskets - MOPAR Small Block V8 "ULTIMATE" Silicone
  20. jazak5

    Shoulder belts

  21. jazak5

    Shoulder belts

    my 69 formula S has the clip shoulder belts above the window and my 73 roadrunner had them too
  22. jazak5

    How Hard Is It To Do?

    Legendary has self help video's
  23. jazak5

    trans cooler hose routing Q

    towing and anything looser than a factory torque converter/run mine after the radiator (return)
  24. jazak5

    [WANTED] Formula S emblem

    yup// ML4228 - 1969 Plymouth Barracuda; MA50317 - 1969 Plymouth Barracuda;
  25. jazak5

    360 Spark Plugs

    E3 .46 and wont go back !!!! no fouling/better idle/cleaned up the throttle response on the same engine with no other changes !!!!!! factory spec 340 pertronix distributer conversion with correct coil and taylor wires
  26. jazak5

    Red lines

    yep my avitar is the red line spare !!! omce the paint /bodywork is done I will be pulling the trigger on the $1,000 +
  27. jazak5

    [WANTED] Slap stick shifter

    I'm not sure if A bodies had slap still. But someone might have one laying around. Might want to look at the. E. B. Body web sites to
  28. jazak5

    New carpet and seat covers recommendations ?

    nowhere else to look and do it the 1st time...
  29. jazak5

    new stuff at classic industries

    looks like they have the plastic 67 front windshield locking strip and HANG 10 vinyl seat covers ....
  30. jazak5

    [FOR SALE] Rear defroster vent

    right ?? dart/barracuda/ ?