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  1. Ottmundr


    I did, we were at Macy's today to buy her some shoes. They got my money and gas. Gas money?
  2. Ottmundr

    Need some purchasing advice

    Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. Trailer queens polished with cloth diapers are just retarded. If you would drive it, enjoy it, beat on it. Then buy it. If you want to fix it up and sell it for a profit. Pass because cars are money pits.
  3. Ottmundr


    Ok then, if I were in your shoes, I'd DEFINITELY grind it out and replace the rust with non-oxidized steel.
  4. Ottmundr

    10 days until my last A-body swap meet forever!

    It's a shame you aren't on the west coast. :(
  5. Ottmundr


    It depends, how old are you? Personally, I would grind that shit out and the rust it's hiding and do it right. But I'm only 50, and I don't want any rust bubbling up over the next 20 years.
  6. Ottmundr

    Cell Phones

    I miss my flip phone. It was 3g, not a smartphone. It worked just fine. I'd be happy with an old Motorola RAZR. I don't trust those flexy screens to last. I also dislike typing on glass.
  7. Ottmundr

    Everyone likes pictures

    Have you had those bolts come loose on you before? Are you putting this engine in a Piper Cub?
  8. Ottmundr

    Well it's official!

    Special tool? Tell me you aren't a proctologist or a mechanic! Noooo!!! Don't go there Les Schwab Tires If you're gonna go to Use SIRI not a Japanese secretary To find a local tire store. They are much better. Yeah. I'm drunk now and thought that was pretty funny how I combined that...
  9. Ottmundr

    Well it's official!

    Same, I just order my tires from summit and bring them the rims two at a time. Hey! It's a Charger, not a Polara!
  10. Ottmundr

    The Duster Name Is Alive!

    Don't, just don't. Your duster is better than that.
  11. Ottmundr

    What are you listening to ?

    I can't get my girl to dance with me, all she can seem to do is laugh at my Stray Cat Strut. Am I Tuff Enuff?
  12. Ottmundr

    Comparing manual trans options - variables other than gear ratios?

    That's only because you haven't been beating it hard enough. :poke:
  13. Ottmundr


    You never know, he may have done a 440 +6 swap... Nah, who am I kidding, he's dumb enough to drive a chevy. Almost as bad as a bronco snow plough. :poke:
  14. Ottmundr


    How about just photoshopping them in there straight?
  15. Ottmundr

    We're missing a big opportunity here! Please fill the vacuum

    Give 'em an inch and they take 1.6 kilometers.
  16. Ottmundr

    Noob in NorCal

    Nice. I'm just down the road from you off airport blvd, 95403.
  17. Ottmundr


    Sales is your lifeblood. No salesman you hire will be more motivated than you. If you are an introvert, if you are not a people person, you will have to put that hat on and step into that arena. Like these guys. In spite of what they wear, I'm pretty sure they get the chicks. Remember your goals...
  18. Ottmundr

    To Turbo or Supercharge

    Turbocharger vs. Supercharger: What's the Difference? Your call man. My preference is for a naturally aspirated engine. I prefer to minimize the number of moving parts/points of failure.
  19. Ottmundr

    Tired of Body Filler Hardening Too Quickly?

    Thanks for sharing, just remember if you play with it too much you'll get hairy palms and go blind. In 100 degree heat, I ain't doing anything though.
  20. Ottmundr

    stripping a patina Duster hood

    What's amazing is not that it works, but that we can get it here in California!
  21. Ottmundr

    [FOR SALE] 273 short block, trade for beer

    If you're that hard up for beer, pm me your address.
  22. Ottmundr

    stripping a patina Duster hood

    Ha! I would use a leafblower, but I'm lazy that way.
  23. Ottmundr

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    What @Johnny Dart said, plus I put a quart of oil in my mom's car and had to immediately come back in for an ice cream. edit: that 10w30 poured like water.
  24. Ottmundr

    Remember when we had no fear with our toys?

    I took my lunch in my Eval Kineval lunch box to work for a while a few years ago. The thermos is long LONG gone, it had the glass bottle, and broke back in the 70's or 80's. All the young guys thought it was cool and retro and mocked me for my 68 Barracuda, Sure their Toyota trucks and Mazdas...
  25. Ottmundr

    Tired of Body Filler Hardening Too Quickly?

    No bondo some bondo metric shitton of bondo minimal bondo metric shitton of bondo Your wingman is gonna have to drive this barn-find home and he will resent you for the rest of...
  26. Ottmundr

    Prayers Needed

    Ironracer, Do me a favor, I want you to quiet your mind, no thinking of and no thinking of or even thinking of For this favor, I want you to meditate on the meaning of the Lord's Prayer. What does each and every line mean to your heart? Not to your mind, what does it evoke in your spirit as...
  27. Ottmundr

    Tired of Body Filler Hardening Too Quickly?

    How many guys use a hammer and dolly to work the metal, then anneal it, during if needed, or afterwards? I never learned how to do leadwork from my dad. He kept me away from lead and painting, everything else was ok.
  28. Ottmundr

    Prayers Needed

    Take care of yourself. He is watching out for you.