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  1. jeffnmo

    Tv clown damages classic cars and gets fired

    Severely beaten then shot,The guy is an f'n Moron who will never know wrong from right. Jeff
  2. jeffnmo

    Nick's Garage finishes Kowalski Challenger

    Watch Nick's all the time, like it but he can Get a little to talkative some times! The Challenger is Awesome. Jeff
  3. jeffnmo

    2nd and 5th Owner. 70 Dart Resto-Mod

    You need to be very proud, all that work done by you, their can't be a better feeling. Awesome Dart. Jeff
  4. jeffnmo

    My combo is always changing !

    Damn thats gotta be a blast. What does it run? Jeff
  5. jeffnmo

    EFI Tank & Pump

    Hello FABO Friends, I have a Tanks EFI fuel tank with a 67gph/255iph pump, can I get a return regulator for a carburetor and use it till I'm ready to put the MSD Atomic EFI unit on, I already have a return regulator for that. I'm rebuilding my 340 and I want to break it in with the carb and run...
  6. jeffnmo

    Carb recommendation

    Let me add to the above. When the cars sit for days sometimes the fuel is gone but I just crank it for 8 seconds or so with no pumping the gas pedal and it fills the bowls, pump the pedal a couple of times and veroomm! Jeff
  7. jeffnmo

    Carb recommendation

    Like post #24 said, todays fuel is shit, it's made for fuel injection. I had to put an insulator under my wives Carter on an Edelbrock dual plane and one under my Edelbrock AVS on a air gap intake if not every time I went some where and came back out the car didn't want to start, the insulator...
  8. jeffnmo

    Deal of the decade, or scam? approximately $10K-$20K off

    We should start a thread on the many ways to torture and eliminate scammers! Jeff
  9. jeffnmo

    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Doug, the best I can tell you is I have been taking these Meds for years, it started with mild and as time went by they got stronger and stronger, the mild ones were easy to stop, but then I was put on 100 micrograms of Fentynol every three days for almost three years with other drugs, when I...
  10. jeffnmo

    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Thanks Rusty, that means a lot to me. By the way I like your'e, You can't bolt on skill. Awesome! Jeff
  11. jeffnmo

    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    I have, I had the Stimulator put in on July 30 2019, the best move I've made. I was in a car accident in the late 80's, and have been in pain like you for far to many years, I've taken all the drugs, had all the shots, some worked for awhile some didn't and surgery was not an option for me, when...
  12. jeffnmo

    Bitchin' Rides 1967 Coronet R/T ***spoilers***

    I'm like most, the craftsmanship is off the charts but I don't really like the car. I've thought long and hard about what I'd do to the body of my Dart if I had deep pockets, First of all I would like the front and rear fender caps moulded in, the same with the front and rear valance and the...
  13. jeffnmo

    Anyone flowbench the trickflow 190 heads yet???

    How about we stop all the Bull Shit and just post some numbers? Jeff
  14. jeffnmo

    1970 Swinger 340 Hemi Orange 4 speed

    Man if I had the money I'd give you an all expense payed trip to come down and do my car, that Dart is going to be AWESOME, Oh and all the Molsen you can drink. Jeff
  15. jeffnmo


    Hold on tight, that is going to be a blast. Jeff
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    Help me wrap my head around this. I have a 70' Dart with offset spring hangers and 255/60/15 on a 7 inch rim and 4 1/4 back space, I have well over an inch from the side wall of the tire to the leaf springs and rolled the fender lips. Do you think I could put a 8 inch rim with a 5 1/4 back space...
  17. jeffnmo

    Tame my 4-speed Stroker....

    Glad you got a laugh! I was kinda' wondering why you disagreed, thanks for clearing that up! Jeff
  18. jeffnmo

    A body close-up picture thread!

    Thank You very much. Wow, I bet it is very durable too. Jeff
  19. jeffnmo

    A body close-up picture thread!

    abodyjoe, the paint on that Motor is really nice. Paint gun? what kind of paint? Thanks Jeff.
  20. jeffnmo

    Tame my 4-speed Stroker....

    Holy Shit, do not slip, I don't think you will like what could happen! Jeff
  21. jeffnmo

    Tame my 4-speed Stroker....

    Glad to hear it's working out for you. Now get them heads looked over and put on. Jeff
  22. jeffnmo

    Some pics of my freshly painted 68 dash

    Would that work in a daily driver? I know not really safe, but would it. It looks AWESOME, very clean. I'm in the process of molding and fitting my glove box door so it don't look like a two year old just threw it on the dash, same with the ash tray, but don't really need either, but that just...
  23. jeffnmo

    LA top end rebuild question

    Oldmanmopar, could you go through the process of measuring to get the perfect gear size for the timing chain, right now I'm running a Cloyes true roller with a tensioner. Right now my engine is apart, re-ring, bearings, cylinder hone and deck, was just going to replace cam and heads! The...
  24. jeffnmo

    Any carp fisherman here?

    Damn that brings back memories, was brought up in Wisconsin and used to spear them on and around Big Musekgo Lake when we were kids. Used to give them to some Old timers and they would smoke em' I didn't care for them very much! Jeff
  25. jeffnmo

    Need torque wrenches, looking for suggestions. What's the sweet spot for price/quality?

    I have a 1/2 craftsmen that has got to be 40 years old and not long ago I bought a Tooluxe and they read 99.9% the same, both are beam style and none of my stuff has flown apart or messed up yet. Jeff
  26. jeffnmo

    LA top end rebuild question

    I'm gonna put a true roller, a gear drive and a belt drive on my 340. Top that Mo Fo's!! Jeff
  27. jeffnmo

    Demon Wagon

    Someone has lots of time on there hands! Jeff
  28. jeffnmo

    [WANTED] Fan Shroud

    Looking for a good used fan shroud for a 1970 340 Dart, 22 inch. Thanks much. Jeff
  29. jeffnmo

    Chevy Should Have.....

    I'll agree RRR, but still think it's Ugly. Jeff
  30. jeffnmo

    Chevy Should Have.....

    I'll say it, Ugly! Jeff