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  1. autopar3000

    Let's talk about trucks

    Looking for something about 10 years old you say? My brother has had a 2007 Silverado since almost new. OK, so that's 15 years old, but I would think that any Chevy or GMC in that generation would be pretty much the same (2007 - 2013). That thing has been crazy reliable for him, with about...
  2. autopar3000

    Remote Trans Cooler needed or not?

    That's your ONLY transmission cooling? Yikes! You cannot over cool an automatic transmission, but the one of the things that will kill it pretty quick is heat. With very little air flow through yours I would question how effective it is. If it were me, and it will be soon because my car is...
  3. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    Mine did with 150k miles (240k km), but it was an ambulance that got fleet maintenance. On the other hand it probably spent a ton of time idling. It has the typical cylinder head cracks but that doesn't bother me one bit. I hear a lot about cracked Magnum heads and very little about those...
  4. autopar3000

    Castrol GTX 20-50

    My Dart has a roller cam so I'm not too worried about the oil for that, but I have an 85 Toyota Supra with flat tappets. I used the Mobil1 0w-40 Full Synthetic because I felt 50 weight oil would be too heavy. The 0w-40 has 1000 ppm phosphorous and 1100 ppm zinc, so it's probably fine. Here's...
  5. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    Sounds like you're half way there already :) The crank sensor is part of the flexplate, but it's possible to adapt the A833 flywheel to the Magnum EFI flexplate. Have a look at 5:33, if you don't want to watch the whole video:
  6. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    For $800 it is your duty to pull that engine and transmission and put it in your car!! With the factory EFI included! Yeah, making the 46re fit in the trans tunnel will take some work, and converting your car to EFI will require some money for a proper EFI tank, fuel pump, etc (unless you're...
  7. autopar3000

    Help with my first engine build (5.9 Magnum)

    Ha ha, I expected to get some serious heat for my post, since most people on this forum prefer to do things the right way. But not even one "Disagree" rating!
  8. autopar3000

    Explain your username here --->

    Back in the day (mid 90s) I had a slant six Dart and another guy in our group also named Mike had a 440 Duster (11 second car with full cage, mini tub, 3.91, etc). People started calling us both Mike Mopar, but that causes obvious problems. One day a bunch of us were hanging out and someone...
  9. autopar3000

    Help with my first engine build (5.9 Magnum)

    As others have said, it looks like it needs to be bored. Whether or not you do that depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for cheap and quick, hone it as best you can and throw it back together with the new rings and bearings. If you want expensive and if you have a lot of...
  10. autopar3000

    Electrical connectors at steering column 70 dart with ignition in column

    I tried that last night and it did NOT go over well!
  11. autopar3000

    1972 Canadian H-Code 340 Dart Swinger Special Resto - Finally started!

    Those weren't really intended to be cigarette lighters. The engineers had enought foresight to know that 50+ years later everyone would need their own charging port for their hand held supercomputer :D
  12. autopar3000

    Where To Get A New one Of These....

    I bought a heater box rebuild kit from DMT (70 Swinger) and it was great. Also got a fuel tank filler tube gasket and a bunch of firewall gaskets, including the one for the steering column. All good stuff.
  13. autopar3000


    The best lifter I ever used was the type with a little wheel on the bottom :) In all seriousness, with all the issues guys have been having with lifter failures plus the modern oils not being designed for flat tappets, I decided to go roller and never look back. The OEM manufacturers stopped...
  14. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    My belt is 91 inches, but again, the van PS braket is lower so maybe it would be different for you. I went on the rock auto website and looked at all the belts for the 94 B350 without AC, and in some of the part descriptions they tell you the length of the belt. I ended up buying the belt...
  15. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    Here's a couple pics of my setup. Notice that small idler pulley? I think that's the only reason why it's possible for me to go without the AC compressor, because the van power steering bracket sits lower than the truck bracket. With the truck bracket sitting up higher Keystone's pic is showing...
  16. autopar3000

    /6 to magnum mount options

    I pulled a 5.9 from a 1994 B350 van and it was using the biscuit mounts. Like others have said, the block has LA style ears and the bosses for the othe type of mounts.
  17. autopar3000

    Functional twin hood scoops

    I was thinking about getting one of these Part #14x3@110 for my 70 Swinger, then running some hoses to the holes in the hood. Or maybe just a couple of plastic elbows, depending on the location. I would have to measure to figure out the best option. Models of Ram Air Box
  18. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    This is not my experience. I have a 5.9 from a B350 with power steering and no AC, and my belt works ok. But I have noticed my idler pulley is smaller than any others I have seen before. Maybe that's the difference.
  19. autopar3000

    Tick Tick goes the magnum.

    What head gaskets are you running? If they're thin maybe you can put a much thicker set on and keep your cam. You'd better pull those heads anyway and make sure the valves weren't bent.
  20. autopar3000

    Backfire on deceleration?

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts on the fuel sync. In your experience, what symptoms would a bad sync display? It's not impossible to find a scan tool. I haven't been to see my usual mechanic since I completed the swap, I'm sure he would have the adapter for his snap on tool. I've put a bit of...
  21. autopar3000

    Backfire on deceleration?

    I have the same problem with my 5.9 factory EFI Magnum. Someone told me it could be the fuel sync, but I can't see how the injectors spraying the intake valve a little too early or too late could cause an issue on the exhaust side. @vegasanthony have you checked your fuel sync setting? I'm...
  22. autopar3000

    Magnum 5.9 valve spring options

    MagnumMopar's departure from the scene was a big big hit to those of us running factory Magnum EFI in our cars. So much knowledge, so many good product offerings, all vanished. EDIT: I just thought to look him up and I see he's been posting again, it's good to see he's back.
  23. autopar3000

    [WANTED] Mopar Performance ECU P5249546

    I figured this would be a long shot, but if anyone would have one of these it's a fabo member. Still looking...
  24. autopar3000

    [WANTED] Mopar Performance ECU P5249546

    Hey everyone, Super quickly: does anyone have a Mopar Performance ECU for the 1994 5.9 they would be willing to sell me? Part number P5249546. Super long version: I recently finished installing a 5.9 Magnum from a 1994 B350 van into my 1970 Dart Swinger. I used the full factory EFI system...
  25. autopar3000

    Stock magnum max lift

    The stock valve springs on every Magnum engine were not adequate for the stock cam, which was a ridiculously small cam to start with. If you're changing the cam you MUST put in a new set of springs. I'm not a cam expert so I'll let others make recommendations, but I can tell you Hughes makes...
  26. autopar3000

    Testing a Proportioning Valve?

    Ok, so thin rotors are probably not the issue.
  27. autopar3000

    Testing a Proportioning Valve?

    Hey, here's a thought. What would happen if the thickness of the rotors was under spec? Could it be difficult for the pads to put sufficient clamping force on the rotors?
  28. autopar3000

    Testing a Proportioning Valve?

    That looks like the combination safety switch and proportioning valve. Different from my setup with those things as separate pieces.
  29. autopar3000

    Testing a Proportioning Valve?

    Thanks Mattix, I fell into a rabbit hole watching those old Master Tech videos! They're awesome. But it just left me thinking the same thing I've been thinking for years and that the issue has to be the master cylinder. Even though I have already replaced the master cylinder. So next on the...
  30. autopar3000

    Testing a Proportioning Valve?

    I replaced the booster a few years back with this: 1970 DODGE DART Right Stuff Detailing Master Cylinder and Booster Assemblies G80011001 So it's a 1.063" bore. I also replaced the calipers and pads around the same time. Is 1.063 the right bore size? I was also thinking that maybe the front...