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    [WANTED] Door lock cylinder arm, 1969 Dart 2door hardtop

    the arms are same right and left.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart GT trunk finish panel

    66 dart GT rear finish panel. Great survivor from 30 years ago. Bright anodizing and still original red paint. $225 plus shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart rear backup lights

    66 dart rear bumper backup light assm. Good chrome and lens. $45 pr, plus shipping. Since I have many 66 parts to offer, naturally I'll combine any shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart front bumper guards

    1966 Dart front bumper guards. Very nice chrome and rubber pads. $80 plus shipping. PP.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart 270 glovebox, end dash bezels

    66 Dart 270 dash bezels : glovebox and right side end piece. Very good condition. $50 for pair, plus mailing. I also will offer GT dash bezels, including the radio and speedo up coming.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart GT white door panel, Rt

    spare parts from collection, ONE single 66 dart GT Right door panel. Good driver condition w/o the ss divider strip. Good hardboard. $60 plus shipping
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    Modifying 26 spline extension housing to 30 spline

    Yes, this can be done. I've had it done, worked fine.
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    [FOR SALE] SBP KH disc rotor and hub

    your box is full. PM me with all relevant shipping info and your contact.
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    [FOR SALE] SBP KH disc brake spindle

    Kelsey Hayes disc brake spindle, left side. $90 plus shipping. PP using 'friends' method.
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    [FOR SALE] SBP KH disc rotor and hub

    SBP disc brake, KH rotor and hub, LH studs, but they can be changed. .795 thick, and have been turned. $90 plus $24.00 usps PM box. PP using 'friends' method. Also have a left spindle.
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    [FOR SALE] 65 66 Dart lower Qtrpl sheet metal patch

    A Left lower quarterpanel patch section, including the trunk extention. From a 65 / 66 Dart. Very solid metal. $90 plus shipping.
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    [WANTED] Early Variable Wiper Motor

    A 66 which believe are all variable
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    Early Variable and Single Speed Motors... The Same?

    The 185 and 196 are the date code stampings. You didnt waste your time. You learned something new on disassembly.
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    [FOR SALE] 63-66 A body A pillar plastic trim Black

    A pillar Black plastic cover trim, not cracked. $80 plus shipping. PP 'friends'.
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    [FOR SALE] Early A 63 -66 Kick Panels. black, Turq.

    A pair each of early A kick panels. one Black, and Turquoise. $40 / pair. plus shipping.
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    [SOLD] 63 -66 A black sun visors. mint

    Offering a pair of very nice early A sun visors, black. $70 plus shipping. PP 'friends'. I have a single right.
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    [FOR SALE] 66 Dart Grille and Left H.L. Bezel

    Offering a driver quality 66 Dart Grille and a nice LEFT headlight Bezel. ( No right ). Set only, $475 plus shipping. Sorry the light isn't that good. starting to sell off my spare parts collection of 66 GT parts. PP 'friends'.
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 Dart bucket seat back (black)

    Offering a 66 Dart GT bucket seat back cushion only. Very nice firm foam with good survivor black vinyl. Pulled from a nice car 35 years ago. $80 plus shipping. ( I will be also listing a complete right bucket seat and tracks soon.)
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    [SOLD] early Heater box cover model 741

    Heater box cover, model 741. Mint in every respect. Hinge moves freely like new. I have stored this for 30 plus years, and now I dont need it. You will not find a better one. $200 plus shipping. PP 'friends'.
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    [FOR SALE] 1964 63 Dart cnvrt QT transition joint pieces

    1964 dart convertible QTpl backlight transition joints plus one ss trim piece. Good chrome, has been in my spare parts box 30 years. Other early A convert parts are available also. $250 shipped PP 'friends'
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    [FOR SALE] SBP Rally center caps (4) dark argent, 1 nos

    Selling a mixed set of 4 A rally center caps. Darker 71 argent. One cap is NOS ( the threads are untapped ) in case you ask. Great condition with screws. $250 shipped. PP 'friends'.
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    [FOR SALE] SBP Rally wheel, '72 w/ trim ring

    ONE 1972 A Rally wheel w/ center and trim ring. Good paint, and is straight. $120 shipped lower 48. PP 'friends'.
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    [WANTED] 14” SBP rally wheel

    Got it. 1972 center version with trim ring. perfect condition. $120 shipped
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    1964 273

    I have NORS steel ones. $23 shipped
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    [FOR SALE] A body 833 trans, rebuilt, 2.47

    Offering a rebuilt A body 833, large output spline trans. Ratio is 2.47, uses the 68-69 synchros in a 69 dated case. All new bearings, brass and seals. Very nice gears. Uses the ball detent cover. Pilot retainer size 4 3/8". $1,100 fob Seattle. Rebuilt by experienced Seattle based Mopar...