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  1. twalace

    Need Red Drivers Armrest Pad for 66 Dart

    Need a Red drivers side armrest pad for a 66 Dart.
  2. twalace

    Need Red Dash Vents for 66 Dart

    Need the two plastic dash vents for a 66 Dart.
  3. twalace

    Glove box door spring needed

    Need a glove box door spring for a 66 Dart.
  4. twalace

    New Video: Dart With Flowmasters

    101 Video: Dart With Flowmasters Category: Mopar Videos Uploader: twalace
  5. twalace

    Pcv valve & breather lines

    The new valve covers I got have no PCV vavle or breather hose hookups, just has a breather for each cover; any pros or cons to not having them running to the carb & air filter? Motor is rebuilt and not blowing any oil/smoke.
  6. twalace

    High Flow/Performance Thermostats

    Do these really make a difference and what temp is best? 318 W/Edelbrock Performer mani & 500cfm carb
  7. twalace

    Leaking Venturi Boosters / Edelbrock Performer 1404

    Anyone know what would cause fuel to leak from the Primary Venturi Boosters at idle on an Edelbrock 1404 carb? I have tried everything the Edelbrock Tech has suggested and we can't find the problem, Rebuilt 318 with a mild cam, Edelbrock Performer manifold and Edelbrock Performer # 1404...