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    '69 Plymouth Barracuda - $14K

    1969 Plymouth Barracuda - ~42,000 miles - $14,000obo - open to possible trade for Jeep Wrangler Matching numbers 225 slant six and 904 trans. Engine 225 slant six .060" over 10.5:1 compression .435" lift cam 1.70/1.44 valves Holley 450cfm 4 barrel 6 into 1 header - 2.5" straight...
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    '69 Barracuda Notchback

    Fully restored '69 Plymouth Barracuda Custom blue metallic paint Black custom interior Custom gauges and dash 225 Slant Six fully rebuilt - 10.5:1 compression, .060" over, large valves, solid motor Has been sitting in storage for about 9 months now... no more time or money to devote to car...
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    Movin' Time!

    Well... I'm finally movin' away from home! In 12 days, I'll be calling Nashville home for quite some time. Headed back to college to a tech school for Audio Technology/Engineering. Would love to meet up with any Mopar guys in the area too! :headbang: I'm going to be without my '69 'Cuda for the...
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    Anyone in Nashville, TN?

    I'm headed down there on Friday for the weekend to visit a college and look for an apartment. I'll probably have a little free time on Saturday evening if any Mopar guys wanted to meet up and hang out for a little while! :headbang: I'm probably moving down there in a few weeks and would love to...
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    Mopar Ink

    Alright, who's got what?! Just got my first one on Tuesday... wasn't as bad as I expected, but still hurt somewhat... already have plans for a 2nd one in the works! :headbang:
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    First time at the track!

    Well, was out at the track 2 weekends ago (finally getting around to posting this here, damn 60 hour work weeks). Had a LOT of fun, and the car ran really good on the 110 octane that I threw in. Here's a quick run down of my setup and the times of the 4 runs. Let's hear your thoughts! Setup...
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    Racin' @ Byron Dragstrip (IL)

    Anybody near the Chicagoland 'Burbs/Rockford area interested in some racin' and T&T at Byron on Sunday, come on out and meet us there!! Look for my '69 'Cuda! We've got a few Mopar guys and a few Brand X'ers coming out for some grudge matches... come on out if you're around! :thumbup: :butthead:
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    What's it worth?? :dontknow: I need your help guys... back in October, I picked up a '67 Fastback B'Cuda with the intentions of turning it into a 10 second street car. I've got a 440 block all set to be built, and I've started pricing out things I'd need to pull it off. Well, reality has hit...
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    Mopower Madness - May 21st!!

    I know this is last minute, but the weather is scheduled to be good, and we're looking at having about 400 Mopar's!! The show is at Naperville North High School in Naperville! :thumblef: My car club, the Chicagoland Mopar Connection is putting it on, I'll be running the DJ setup, and my '69...
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    Dash Light Size...

    So I've already tried searching for the answer to this question, but to no avail... :wack: What bulb number are the dash lights in the '67-9 B'Cuda's? I know, I could crawl under my dash and pull one to check, but I'm sitting here at work and I found some LED replacements on Ebay. Figured I...
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    Warlock Racing Muffler or Flowmaster Original 40 Series??

    Well, I'm torn guys. I need your help deciding. Both are about the same price (doesn't really matter in my decision anyways)! Lemme get your votes on which way I should go!
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    Look what I found!!

    :headbang: Finally go around to pulling the interior outta my '67 over the weekend. :thumblef: Pulled the rear seat and lookie what I found!!!! I was really happy because under the seat on the floor were pieces of a 2nd copy of the build sheet! I really have no history on this car, so...
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    Warlock Racing Muffler?

    Anybody ever used one? I kinda like their built in cut-out in the muffler. Thinking about changing up the exhaust system on my '69. Lemme hear your thoughts! :thumblef:
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    '69 B'Cuda grills

    Well, I finally broke down and decided it was time to pull the grills off the car to restore them. Trust me, they need it and I'm sure not dropping almost $1000 on ebay for a pair. My gray plastic inner surround has lots of cracks and is in several pieces in some areas. I have everything...
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    Just curious if anybody has used this front end system yet? I'm in the process of tearing down my '67 Fastback, and I've talked with Bill Reilly several times and I'm 100% sold on it. Was hoping somebody might have already installed it in their car and any pointers or hints they had from the...
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    Local Chicagoland guys?

    Just curious who all is around the Chicagoland area ('Burbs included) that's got a nice A-body... just looking to make some contacts!
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    Well hello!

    :hello2: It's been quite a while since I've been on here... registered back on the original site, and kinda forgot about things... whoops! I guess I'll re-introduce myself and let all you guys see what I've got! :grin: I'm about 97% done with my '69 Barracuda resto"modification"... it's...