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  1. 408 swinger

    [SOLD] Edelbrock D4B

    It's dirty. It's grimey. It's grungy. Not cracked anywhere that I can detect. T-stat and carb mounting holes need help. They're pictured. Fits 64 & 65 273 engines. $170.00 plus shipping. OBRO. Located in NW Iowa. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!
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    [SOLD] Spread Bore Holley

    650 spreadbore. Dirty and needs a kit. Shafts move freely. Choke is mechanical, not electric. I have not run this carb. Acquired and put on shelf. Asking $85.00 to your door. Located in NW Iowa. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!!
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    [FOR SALE] Valiant Fender Emblems

    Not sure of year. Part number present for buyer to figure out. Very good driver quality. 40 bucks to your door in the lower 48. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!
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    [SOLD] Assorted Pieces

    Chrome master cylinder cover. Not sure of exact application. Obviously for a disc master. Air cleaner spacer is inch tall with o-ring. Gas tank lock ring tool. Two chrome oil fill caps. A/C water pump pulley. Can't find any numbers. So, not sure if big or small block. All parts available FREE...
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    [SOLD] 1st Gen Durango Parts

    This one is getting parted. Pretty rusty, so, just some smalls available. Engine and trans are spoken for. Front diff is bad. Will ship parts on buyer's dime. Located in NW Iowa. PM me here for details. After Aug. 1st, it's in the scrap bin. Thanks, FABO!!!!
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    [SOLD] Small Block Cometic Head Gaskets

    .086 thick, 4.18 bore. Check part number. Used these for a few shows in a BMod engine to lower compression. I've had these in my possession too long. These are spendy new. No reason to not reuse. Buyer pays shipping. Should be fairly reasonable. 100.00 or offer. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!
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    Unbelievable! I would never have thought I would score an NOS, in the box, Competition Series TQ! I completely found it by accident. Was scrolling the parts classifieds on ClassRacer and came across an add for Mopar Parts. Took a look and a 4847 ThermoQuad was listed. Not listed as the Comp...
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    [SOLD] Carter Super Quad AFB

    As title states. Comes with strip kit. Pieces look to be accounted for. 625 cfm. Perfect for a 318 with a 340 cam. Been sitting for a couple years. Would be best to kit it. $200 OBRO to your door in the lower 48. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!
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    [FOR SALE] Jegs Universal Radiator Mount

    DISCLAIMER: NOT direct bolt in for A bodies, or any vehicle for that matter. READ the title. I bought with intentions of making it fit a Dart. It can be done, but, I'm not into that right now. $50 bucks to your door. OBRO. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!
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    [WANTED] E body Tubular Lower Control Arms

    For use on a QA1 tube K. Stock style suspension. Used, lightly used, new never used acceptable. Trades? Partial trades? PM me here. Posted on E bodies, too. Thanks, FABO!!
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    500 Inch Gen 3

    500 Inch Gen III will be possible soon. Wow! What sayeth the A Body crowd. Kinda cool but at what cost? Longevity?
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    [SOLD] Early Magnum Exhaust Manifolds

    These came off of a 93 W-250 with 5.9/360. As you can see they have the desirable outlets. Will work on trucks, have seen people use at least the passenger side on A-Body cars. Driver side is crusty, but, no cracks on either one. Asking $100.00 plus the ride. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!
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    Dynacorn Body Panels

    Anyone ever use Dynacorn? Wondering about fitment. I understand that there will be a certain amount of "make it fit" involved. I've worked with AMD parts and, as good as they fit, you still have to work it. Just curious about what degree I would be in for should i purchase. Looking at an inner...
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    Donuts, anyone?

    Dodge will pay someone $150,000 to drive a Hellcat muscle car for a year | Fox News This is wild.....
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    [SOLD] 1940 Plymouth Business Coupe

    Posting for a friend. As title states. Stock front suspension and rails. Has 2x3 tube rear rails with narrowed 8 3/4 housing. Ladder bars. Rear stub is tacked in place. No engine or trans. Has complete dash. Most of the trim is present, not installed. Cop wheels DO NOT go with. Located in Rock...
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    Munsters Movie

    The Munsters: Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at Recreated Munsters House Set Don't know if any y'all know of this. Pretty freaking cool!
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    [SOLD] 340 Exhaust Manifold

    68-70 A and E body right side manifold. Heat riser moves, but, is junk. No cracks. $150.00 plus the ride. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!
  18. 408 swinger

    [SOLD] Magnum Rocker Studs and Guideplates

    As title states,for Dodge Magnum Small blocks. New parts. Never used in a running engine. Leftovers from a dead project. $100.00 plus the ride. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!
  19. 408 swinger

    [FOR SALE] Small Block MLS Head Gaskets

    CS5454-86 Cometic head gaskets for small mopar. .086 thick. Used approximately 20 dirt shows. We're used in a B-mod engine. Good shape, reusable. Expensive new. $125.00 shipped to your door in the lower 48. PM me here with questions. Thanks, FABO!!
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    As title states. This came with a Speedmaster gen 3 hemi IR intake. Decided to go a different direction. Retails for $1278 and change through Summit. All there and complete. Never been plugged in. Bags opened for inspection and pics only. $1000.00 plus the ride. OBRO. PM me here. Thanks, FABO...
  21. 408 swinger

    [FOR SALE] Big Block Spool Mounts

    As title states. Rusty and crusty. Rubbers seen better days. I'd call these cores, I guess. Would prefer to sell all, could separate. Price for all I think is cheap enough. $80.00 to your door in the lower 48. Willing to deal with our friends up nort. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!!
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    42RE No Reverse

    Working on an 02 Jeep GC. 4.0 with 42RE. Complete rebuild, valve body updates, and new convertor. Air checked both servos and clutch packs before installing valve body. All is fine. Shift kit is the Trans-Go Jr. Has manual low, but, no reverse. Has second gear. Third and o.d.Put gauge on that...
  23. 408 swinger

    [WANTED] Desoto Hemi Crankshaft

    Looking for a 330, 341, or 345 DeSoto Hemi Crankshaft. Would prefer something that has been crack checked. Not too fussy on undersized if it's a fresh undersize. Needs to be shipped to NW Iowa. Will pay to ship or local pick up. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!!!!
  24. 408 swinger

    [FOR SALE] Carter WCFB Four Barrel Carb

    Off of 354 Hemi. All linkage and shafts move freely. Doesn't seem to have play in the shafts. Only numbers are what I have posted. Choke housing is damaged. See pics. WYSIWYG. Looks to be a very good core for rebuild. I have NOT had it apart. Not sure of value. Seems to be all over the place...
  25. 408 swinger

    [FOR SALE] Small Block M/T Valve Covers

    Decent condition. No real deep scratches, dings, or road rash. The one breather has dents and is a screw in. Need good cleaning. $150.00 to your door in the lower 48. OBRO. Will ship out of country on buyer's dime. Pay-Pal only. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!
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    Gen 3 Oil Pan Packages

    Holley Gen III Hemi Swap Oil Pan - VVT Cool deal. Anyone else caught this? Seems like a real decent alternative to Milodon stuff. Very cost effective when comparing not only the pricing, but, quality and construction. Cast with that o-ring gasket, should NEVER leak. Available for all...
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    [WANTED] 1974 Valiant 2dr Http Brouham

    This is a long shot! Trying to find this for a close friend. As title states, silver with burgundy/maroon full vinyl top, same color interior. Would possibly settle for different color combos depending on condition. Condition: doesn't have to run, BUT, not looking for complete basket case. Solid...
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    [FOR SALE] 1973 340 Engine

    1973 340. Std. Bore. Crank is 10/10. Rods look to have been recon'd. Possibly internal balance. I received this in a big parts buy. I didn't build it, nor did the guy I bought it from. WYSIWYG. Needs disassembled and cleaned. No timing set. Heads need to be gone through. 2.02 J castings. No tins...
  29. 408 swinger

    [SOLD] 340 Main Cap Bolts

    OEM bolts. Out of a 70 block. Went to studs. Will work for a budget 318, also. $40.00 plus the ride. PM me here. Thanks, FABO!!
  30. 408 swinger

    [SOLD] SPC B/E Body Upper Control Arms

    Bought these to use on a 73 'cuda. It will be a dedicated drag car, I think these will be overkill. I got them as you see them. They are used. Need new boots for joints. Joints are good. Everything moves freely. These are 350 a piece new through Summit. Asking 350 for the pair. Shipped to your...