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    [WANTED] W2 Holley Pro Dominator

    Looking for W2 Holley Pro Dominator. All reasonable offers considered. Thanks
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    [WANTED] W2

    Want W2 rockers and offset shafts. Thanks
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    [Found!] W2 rocker stands

    Looking for W2 rocker stands.
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    [WANTED] MP590

    Looking for MP590 camshaft for sm block.
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    [WANTED] Ch28 intake

    Looking for Edelbrock ch28 dual carb intake.
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    [WANTED] TRY1 intake top

    Does anyone have a TRY1 intake top for Edelbrock TR5? I have the large bread basket top. Willing to trade or buy outright. Desperately need lower top.
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    [WANTED] 15x9 drag wheels

    Looking for 2 15x9 drag wheels with 4 1/2 backspace
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    [WANTED] Edl-7032 small plenum top for tr5

    Looking for small plenum top for TR5 tunnel ram. TR1Y is part number. Thanks
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    [WANTED] Hooker 5208 HKR fenderwell headers

    Looking for Hooker fenderwell headers for early A body.
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    [WANTED] 65 Dart 4spd

    Wanted 65 Dart 4spd hump.
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    [WANTED] TR5 tunnel ram

    Looking to buy TR5 small plenum version, James
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    [WANTED] Header for early A body

    WTB early A body headers, any condition
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    [WANTED] WTB 273 commando valve covers

    Anyone have commando valve covers for sale?
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    [WANTED] D66

    Want to buy Edelbrock D66 intake
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    Prayer List

    After discussion with my friend, I thought it would be great to have a place to post your prayer requests so that other could join in on the fight. List your prayer requests and help is on the way James
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    [WANTED] Mopar Magnum cast valve covers

    I want to buy a set of magnum cast aluminum valve covers with Mopar Magnum not Mopar performance
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    [WANTED] DP4B intake

    I 'm looking for an Edelbrock DP4B and 30 over KB 240 pistons
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    holley strip dominator for la motor

    Anyone have a Holley strip dominator for sale. I have a 360 engine
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    4 speed pedals

    WTB 4 spd pedal assy for A body