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  1. JBurch


    Just thought I'd share one of those stories that you just can't make up. Autozone in my area is hiring, I thought I'd get a part time job, pick up some pocket money, have a reason to get out of the house; retirement is boring. Went thru the application process twice; got the automated response...
  2. JBurch

    Bring a trailer

    1974 Plymouth Scamp
  3. JBurch


    I have a collection of magazines that go back to the mid to late 80's, some older, Hot rod, car raft, High performance Mopar, Mopar Musle, Popular Hotrodding, some are dog eared from being read a dozen times others in very good shape. Wife died of covid, looking to lighten the load.
  4. JBurch

    Not a Mopar, but need help

    Any Honda Tech's here? Got an 02 CRV, brake lines from ABS to junction block on drivers side under air box corroded and leaking. How would you do it? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
  5. JBurch

    My 408

    It's not together yet, but here are the bits and pieces of my 408: Block is 1970 360, .030 over, square decked to 9.588, line honed, main caps studded, lifter bores bushed. Scat 4340 crank, Scat H-beam rods, upgraded ARP bolts, Icon 744 pistons, Internal balance. Heads are my Edelbrocks, bought...
  6. JBurch

    Dash light won't go out

    I know this isn't an "A" body but I need help. Vehicle is 1999 Durango; the "Brake" light on the instrument panel does not go out, there is NO ABS light lit, scan tool shows no ABS codes. There is no level sensor on the master cylinder, can't find any harness that would hook up if there was...
  7. JBurch

    [WANTED] Owners manual

    Not "A" body, but a 1999 Durango, owners manual, figured I'd start looking here
  8. JBurch

    [WANTED] Fiberglass hood for 65 Dart

    As the title says, want a fiberglass hood for 65 Dart. Let me know what you've got Thanks, Jim
  9. JBurch

    CL check this out

    1998 Dodge Ram 2500 low mileage fully serviced - $1300
  10. JBurch

    Hard block???

    Have a block, all machine work is done, BUT, is not hard blocked..........I KNOW that it is preferable to fill BEFORE machine work is done.......just want to know what if any down sides to filling after machine work. Thanks
  11. JBurch

    Anybody read "Best Damn Garage In Town"??

    Wife bought me the book for Christmas, almost done with part 1 of 3 "My so called life" far a funny, funny book, even if it's only 50% true he did some **** in his life.
  12. JBurch

    For those who like to cook

    For those of you who like to cook, what meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner ) do you most like to cook for; and what?? Myself, breakfast and home fries
  13. JBurch

    Need member in Phoenix, AZ

    Need member in Phoenix Az area to look at Durango for sale, give honest evaluation. Need some one quick. Pm me if you are able to look at it. Thanks, Jburch in NY
  14. JBurch

    [WANTED] Fiberglass hood for 1965 Dart

    Like the title says, PM me with pic's and price. Thanks
  15. JBurch

    My mind

    I retired last Thursday, had a going away retirement party at found my mind for me just before I left.......for all the times I commented that I was loosing my mind, they asked me what it looked like, I said a little purple fuzzy thing with 3 legs and walked in...
  16. JBurch

    The Great Race or the Great Hoax?????

    Starting 10 day count down to the Great Race or will it be the Great Hoax........?????? we have been entertained by 37 pages and 909 posts from "340 x-block vrs 410" stroker, 21 pages, 503 posts from from "Massive reconfiguration", 19 pages, 473 posts from "Summer race announcement.....This...
  17. JBurch

    Thermal barrier coatings

    Any one have any experience? Good/Bad; tell me what you know.
  18. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] Barracuda Fender script

    Pair of 1965 Barracuda fender script. $50.00 plus shipping. Shipping from zip 13827
  19. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] Early "A" parts for sale

    64,65,66 Barracuda trunk hinge trim, nice driver quality. Gas cap sold. $40.00 for the pair, plus shipping. Shipping from zip 13827
  20. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] Early "A" parts for sale

    Barracuda trunk hinge covers, nice driver quality. $40.00 for the pair, plus shipping. Chrome gas cap from 65 Barracuda. $20.00 plus shipping SOLD shipping is from zip 13827
  21. JBurch

    [SOLD] Early "A" parts for sale

    Pair of "A" body "A" pillar covers, excellent shape. $30.00 for the pair, plus shipping. SOLD 65 Barracuda trunk prop rod. $40.00 plus shipping SOLD Shipping is from zip 13827
  22. JBurch

    Garage Art

    How about posting some pic's of garage art you've made.......
  23. JBurch

    Bushed lifter bores

    What's the difference in power between trued and bushed lifter bores vrs untouched factory, solid flat tappet lifter. I already understand benefits from an oiling perspective, so don't waste time talking about that..........I wanna know power!!!
  24. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] 3.91 gear set, 489 housing

    Used gear set for 489 housing, have large and small u-joint pinion yokes, large yoke has broken tap in it, can see in pic's. $170.00 shipped in lower 48 Pay-Pal or USPS MO
  25. JBurch

    [SOLD] 850 cfm Demon carb

    $325.00 shipped in lower 48
  26. JBurch

    Urban Myths

    Rather than high jack someone else's post, I figured I'd start another. Urban myth: Fuel injection is responsible for low cylinder wear in new engines.....WRONG! It is a contributor, but not the major cause, as it is possible for an injector to leak by for what ever reason and wash a cylinder...
  27. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] Inner splash shields from 65 Dart

    Inner splash shields from 65 Dart, excellent condition. $50.00 plus the ride. Pic are coming. Opps wrong form, Mods could you move please. Thanks
  28. JBurch

    [FOR SALE] Wiring harness

    Under dash, to trunk, trunk, dome lite; this is nice condition, not cut up. From 65 Dart. $50.00obo plus the ride.
  29. JBurch

    My new race car

    Like it says..........
  30. JBurch

    When ab 8 3/4 breaks................????????

    Like the title says, when an 8 3/4 breaks, regardless of what housing it is, what is the failure point?