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  1. 1969383S

    Extending Hope for Ft. Meyers and more after IAN!

    Wow, I was heading to Titusville in the morning. Still May go for the Crew 5 SPACEX Launch on the 5th. Ian was a Brute! Wishing the Best for Members in or around the destruction. Cropped this off the internet today. Nice Bird Belly up in Bonita Springs!
  2. 1969383S

    Need some purchasing advice

    I take offense, Fish are well loved around here in North GA! Anything unfinished in the state as posted, Without a very serious review, for more than $1k is too much IMO! It better have well documented purchase info and all factory tags and parts in place for a Resto project at that price...
  3. 1969383S

    Question for members that were of age in '70

    To me, The "A" in LB/RB is nose heavy and more suited to the strip. 340 cars were much better balanced IMO! That said, I never lost to my younger brothers 70 340HP on the strip! As far as comfort goes the SB wins! Do the same on a road course and a 340 Stick wins the day! JMO!
  4. 1969383S

    Console wiring harness

    Decent looking Harness. The 68 and perhaps 67 version had the NSS incorporated as well as the lamp socket for the shift indicator! See my color Wiring diagrams posted over and over again!
  5. 1969383S

    Overheating 360 new engine

    Wow Late in the year for this overheating post! Being an ASE Master Tech never helped me solve my overheating issues for to many years! In fact, they likely hindered it!!! We all think we know better! Go back to the Basics is my opinion! IE Your radiator is to small, Your Fan is inadequate...
  6. 1969383S

    Heard of "Wilde" snap ring pliers?

    Good tools are Hard to find! Those look great!
  7. 1969383S

    [WANTED] 67 barracuda trim clips

    This is correct and what I purchased and used!
  8. 1969383S

    Show Today and off subject

    So more than cool is maybe! In yellow, Oil overflow catch? In Blue, Crankcase Vent! In Red, Expansion box/filter? In Green the exhaust deposit to not so much burn like our PCV systems! Lessons many should learn in our period correct A's!
  9. 1969383S

    Show Today and off subject

    This example is not the typical 1/4 mile car with a BB/Hemi something or other. None the less, they just do not seem to show up much anymore! I enjoyed seeing it arrive and Immediately thought of my Dad's stories of driving them!
  10. 1969383S


    May be time for some Gravity Bleeding. Booster rod length is critical for proper operations! Assume all standard parts are in use? Do not lengthen it past specs or you will regret!!!! I went through 3 masters before I was "Somewhat" pleased! I have KH front discs and 10.5 rear drums. Also I...
  11. 1969383S

    Let's See Your Mopars.. again

    In rest after a good outing and show today! Mopar on!
  12. 1969383S

    Torn between 360/408 and 440

    Small in A-body Good! better balance IMO!
  13. 1969383S

    Show Today and off subject

    My Pop's would always comment on Morris Minors in our Drag Racing days. This showed up today on a nice of first fall show! Absolutely made me think of Him! After Texts He was grateful!
  14. 1969383S

    Disc Brake Conversion Failing

    Also the OP Stated a swap to 68 Disc's. This would imply Kelsey Hayes. As a kinda less the happy KH owner since 1984 there are many issues that can be observed. 1" master is the best. A "REAL" factory Master would be heaven! They have been remanufactured and given every "lie" in the book as to...
  15. 1969383S

    [Found!] WTB "Plymouth" hood emblem

    You may can still buy this from Mopar Directly!
  16. 1969383S

    69 barracuda hood

    They share the same skin, However the underpinnings are not the same! Like mentioned the mounting for the Hinge is not the same "Use the Latter hinge" and there are ribs for the crumple area on the latter. Otherwise the holes for insulation pads and front/rear seals are the same. The latter...
  17. 1969383S

    Moving distribution block?

    Not sure who I purchased from but they are available from repro companies.
  18. 1969383S

    Moving distribution block?

    That is a pic of the heat shield in my 69 383. I posted that Pic many times. To the OP, Purchase new lines and return it to the stock loacation and purchase this Stainless HS as pictured!
  19. 1969383S

    [Found!] A Body Console Ashtray

    The tray may be the same as the rear armrest trays used in B/C-bodies. Might be worth looking into. From my smoking days in my 69 Fish, it was very small, and the dash one was not much larger as well. The Part number stamped on it is 1A26311. And yes the plates on your console are 68!
  20. 1969383S

    [Found!] A Body Console Ashtray

    So. Do you not have the tray at all? If you do and it is crusty, you can make sweet again!
  21. 1969383S

    2 Separate Blowouts on RV Yesterday. Learned Important Lesson on Tires

    Sorry, I have had bad luck with the GY's I worked for them previously and always praised them. The last 2 RV's, 5ver and Coach had them. The 5ver lost four on one trip. The Coach lost 1 and lucky on it as I was stopped when it blew! All of these had made in China on them. Since when have...
  22. 1969383S

    Paint code

    Pretty Normal, One or the other! My fish is B7/B5. The door is split at the weather strip with inner side in B5 Blue Fire Metallic! And Exterior is B7 Jamaica Blue!
  23. 1969383S

    [WANTED] 67 Fastback roof rail seals

    Purchase online from many vendors. I can only assume you want the White foam seals that go above the stainless trim!
  24. 1969383S

    I think its time to give in and buy a new wiring harness

    I am an absolute firm believer in the M&H Harnesses offered through Year One! You must order the correct year harness! Folks have ordered otherwise and they are not the same and blame M&H! If you Order the correct stuff you will not be disappointed, Mark my word!
  25. 1969383S

    Looking for help, or ideas.

    Not surprised at all! Seek a professional to fix your issues! I could go on but more info is required!
  26. 1969383S

    Breakfast! What do you like?

    I had a English muffin/ blackberry Jelly with a side of Bacon cooked on the Blackstone. Plus some Cantaloupe this AM that made me happy!
  27. 1969383S

    [WANTED] Glove box light switch

    Is that your switch? Can you not clean it?
  28. 1969383S

    Crackedback wiring upgrade?

    @crackedback Has a nice kit and Very worthy! Question is, if you want functionally good stuff, or good old original Charm and authenticity that is less than that!
  29. 1969383S

    Installing Axle Housing Seals: How Deep?

    Good for you, I have been at it even Longer! If you see differential fluid in your brakes "Talking 8-3/4 you better replace both seals and service the bearing! Otherwise you will likely be doing it again in short order! JMO!
  30. 1969383S

    Installing Axle Housing Seals: How Deep?

    I disagree. Every issue I have ever had with 8.75 housing's had the same problem, Be it my trucks or cars. Yes the Bearing should be packed in grease on assembly! If either seal fails you have issues. If you think replacing the inners are the fix "all" then you may want to rethink things...