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  1. kelleherdl

    Car Show Challenge

    Brevard County Florida Public School high school automotive programs car show last month. Check out the V8 trophy for my slant. Parents / grandparents were telling the kids how cool it was to see a slant 6.
  2. kelleherdl

    73 gold duster in Va wassup!

    I don't think it's a 73. Check out the 74 style rear bumper. And was the rear panel insert between the tail lights an option in 73? Dennis
  3. kelleherdl

    Got a real surprise yesterday.

    It is truly these 'out of the blue ' recognitions that make doing the right thing and working hard worth while.
  4. kelleherdl

    Playoff Hockey Pool

    Go Canes! I got to hoist (well just touch) the Stanley Cup last time they won. Have since moved from Raleigh to Florida, but the Canes are still our team. Dennis
  5. kelleherdl

    [SOLD] Old test equipment that works!

    do you have the cables, connectors and manual? Dennis
  6. kelleherdl

    [SOLD] Old test equipment that works!

    Mopar electronic ignition tester or non-Mopar equivalent. 73 Plymouth Duster compatible. Dennis
  7. kelleherdl

    Slant 6 dies when driving

    well that really was my question. I have a set of 73 manuals and noted that I would diagnose a pickup coil issue with a Chrysler Electronic ignition Tester. I noted a few non - Mopar branded testers that check integrity of the ignition system and specifically the pickup coil on eBay. I asked...
  8. kelleherdl

    Slant 6 dies when driving

    this describes to the T what my 73 Duster is doing. It is really keeping me from cruising the car. I have no idea whether my rebuilt 225 had the pick up coil replaced. Is there any value in buying an old electronic ignition tester or just go ahead and start replacing things?
  9. kelleherdl

    1970-74 Duster stripes and Decals

    Car in my profile left has PhoenixGraphix stripes. Love them. My brother opened the passenger door on a car next to it. Dinged the stripe on my driver door. Only a smidgen, but you know how I feel every time I open the door. Damn. Dennis
  10. kelleherdl

    car show calendar

    Thanks to Toolmanmike and Joeychgo. I succeeded in adding the Mopars of Brevard Swap Meet for February 8 and 9. I did see that only the original poster of an 'Event' can add it to the calendar so I needed to create the a new event. Maybe add that to the instructions? Dennis
  11. kelleherdl

    Mopars of Brevard Swap Meet and Show

    Folks, This is a repost so that we can post on the Car Show Calendar. Thanks to Partsmonsta for the the first posting. The Mopars of Brevard (MOB) annual Swap Meet and Show has now expanded to two Days, February 8th and 9th. Swap Meet will be open 8th and 9th and No Judge Show (all cars, all...
  12. kelleherdl

    car show calendar

    My apologies to the Moderator joeychgo. I just looked at website FAQS and just saw the instructions. Dennis
  13. kelleherdl

    car show calendar

    Sorry set up on Thursday evening the 7 th. Dennis
  14. kelleherdl

    car show calendar

    I tried to figure out how to post the Melbourne FL Mopars of Brevard annual show and swap meet. Couldn't..... Thanks to partsmonsta for posting in events and shows. BTW. The MOB Swap Meet and Show is February 8 and 9, with vendor space available on 8th. See the flyer in partsmonsta's post...
  15. kelleherdl

    MOB is now 2 Day Event!!!! ---- FEB 8 & 9 - Mopars of Brevard Show

    I'm a MOBster and I'll have the 73 Gold Duster there on Saturday. Also hoping to sell all my leftover restoration stuff at the Swap Meet. Interior and exterior parts. I'll have a table late Thursday and Friday. Need to work the show on Saturday. Dennis
  16. kelleherdl

    Door lock anchoring

    I do have the gaskets. I did get a complete set of fresh replacement gaskets for the restore. I will try again tomorrow to get the inside set of ears while pushing the lock in from the outside. Dennis
  17. kelleherdl

    Door lock anchoring

    73 Plymouth Duster Well my first effort today working on an interior/exterior trim issue. My driver side door lock has always jiggled from the end of the restoration. Yesterday the brass inside clip finally fell off and lock was totally loose. I took the leap and pulled the door panel. It...
  18. kelleherdl

    [FOR TRADE] TRADE/SWAP 71-73 Standard Wheel

    All I can say is the emblem as pictured is on a 46 year old original equipment Green Dart horn button. How it came to be more faded than yours I don't know. Dennis
  19. kelleherdl

    [FOR TRADE] TRADE/SWAP 71-73 Standard Wheel

    That is the true view of the emblem. I think the dodge ones are supposed to be more contrasty. This one is faded, but in good shape.
  20. kelleherdl

    [FOR TRADE] TRADE/SWAP 71-73 Standard Wheel

    Photo below. I need a Plymouth for the Duster. :-) Dennis
  21. kelleherdl

    [FOR TRADE] TRADE/SWAP 71-73 Standard Wheel

    I have a dodge medallion I will swap for the Plymouth. Dennis
  22. kelleherdl

    Ever Seen A Launch Live?

    I now live back on the Space Coast (Palm Bay) after being gone for 49 years. But I grew up in Melbourne. We moved to Melbourne in 1954. My dad worked for Pan Am at the Cape servicing the down range tracking stations. I personally saw all manned launches from Alan Shepard to Apollo 11. We used...
  23. kelleherdl

    Florida noob

    Welcome from Palm Bay.
  24. kelleherdl

    Finally chose my color!

    I obviously like your choice.:lol: the closet shop could get to a modern version of Amber Sherwood Metallic. Dennis
  25. kelleherdl

    It's NOT the same

    I was down in Palm Bay Florida last week checking out the construction of our new house. I saw that one of my future neighbors has a new Challenger. I wonder what he will say when the auto hauler shows up to drop off my 73 Gold Duster slant in three weeks. Dennis
  26. kelleherdl

    duster rear window rubber wavy inside

    Ditto. the wave really bothers me. Dennis
  27. kelleherdl

    Hidden radio?

    Thanks, will do. Dennis