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  1. Mike69cuda

    340 vs 360 confirmation

    I took the headers off my 69 Cuda with a 360. They drug over every bump. I enjoyed removing them….. I used the 72-73 340 exhaust manifolds, they fit great and work great for a streeter. I doubt that you would notice any difference other than your wallet.
  2. Mike69cuda

    Disc Brake conversion power master cylinder question

    My 69 Barracuda has an SSBC power disc brake conversion. It still has drum brakes on the back. It is a corvette master cylinder and a GM brake booster with an adjustable proportioning valve on the rear brake line. This was installed by the previous owner. The rear wheel cylinders were leaking...
  3. Mike69cuda

    AC system update

    I did the retrofit with parts from another car. I like how it turned out, but it was a lot of work. If you have a 70 up car, it isn’t as bad as 69 back. The 70 up belt system is pretty simple and parts are available. The 69 back ac engine set up is complicated and parts are really hard to...
  4. Mike69cuda

    Went to Daryl Starbird car show in Tulsa this weekend

    I heard Daryl was there, but did not see him. He is in his 90s I heard.
  5. Mike69cuda

    Went to Daryl Starbird car show in Tulsa this weekend

    Lots of nice cars, many cool Mopars. Demolition derby, Rat rods, burn out contest, mini bike races, Hooning. About as much fun as a redneck adult teenager can have….
  6. Mike69cuda

    AC system update

    I bought an entire factory ac salvaged out of a 71 dart for my 69 Cuda. I thought it would be a lot cheaper. It was, it only wound up costing me about $500 when I was done, however I think I had about $5000 in sweat equity. I probably spent way over 100 hours on it. From that vantage point, the...
  7. Mike69cuda

    AC system update

    Ouch, the price has really gone up since I looked at those a few years back.
  8. Mike69cuda

    69 Dart 360 exhaust

    Just another data point, but I found Waldron was half price of accurate a years back. Small family run outfit with a few month flowtime, but the quality was great. Shipped the full length pipes fastenal.
  9. Mike69cuda

    What are you using for 8 3/4 pinion seal?

    Yeah, I did the soaking in oil & thought I was pretty careful putting it in. Drives me crazy when I replace one leaking seal with another leaking seal. But now I have a lift which makes it so much easier. I think the rubber seal & the sleeve will solve my problem. Along with checking the vent
  10. Mike69cuda

    What are you using for 8 3/4 pinion seal?

    No, that is a great suggestion!
  11. Mike69cuda

    69 Dart 360 exhaust

    I used these manifolds on my 69 360 barracuda. They work great. I have power steering and brakes. I used stock exhaust pipes I ordered from Waldron. You just have to make sure you order the head pipes for manifolds you are using if you go that route. The 72 to 74 manifolds are the ones I used...
  12. Mike69cuda

    What are you using for 8 3/4 pinion seal?

    Didn’t know there was a sleeve kit! Thanks!
  13. Mike69cuda

    noisy air compressor

    Seems like my old compressor with the belt drive was a lot quieter than the direct drive pancake one I have.
  14. Mike69cuda

    What are you using for 8 3/4 pinion seal?

    I replaced my pinion seal on my 742 case 8 3/4 rear end awhile back and it is leaking again. I took out a leather seal and replaced it with a new leather seal. Is there a better seal, or a trick I don’t know?
  15. Mike69cuda

    Replacing Instrument Cluster bulbs with LEDs - Illumination Detail Question - 67 Barracuda

    CAn you post a picture of what your bulbs look like?
  16. Mike69cuda

    Guess this mean I need a heater core

    Heater cores usually leak inside the car.
  17. Mike69cuda

    What do you guys think of hands-free driving in the newer cars?

    If it is mostly morons who use it, aren’t we at least break even with morons behind the wheel?
  18. Mike69cuda

    The man wants MORE caster. How about this idea?

    Not trying to be controversial, but is any modification DOT approved on anybody’s car here? Top A arm is a pretty low tech piece of stamped steel. Given some reasonable welding skills and a little bit of reinforcing, this seems like a great idea for us cheapskates. Like just about anything, a...
  19. Mike69cuda

    Mad Magazine Super Bowl Coverage?

    Didn’t know it was back….
  20. Mike69cuda

    Trying to summon the motivation

    Two keys for me in since I kind of retired: 1. Get up early, take a shower (kind of like putting a three day old donut in the microwave with some water on it) and get going 2. Don’t turn on the TV in the morning. I always get out of bed early, but if I lay down on the couch and turn the tube...
  21. Mike69cuda

    Accurate Exhaust

    You may have to call them. It is a very small family business as I recall.
  22. Mike69cuda

    Accurate Exhaust

    I bought a Waldron exhaust with their mufflers about 5 years ago. It fit great and I like the sound. It was about half the price of Accurate. I would do business with them again. Seems like there was a couple month flow time.
  23. Mike69cuda

    45 bucks for wiper blades?

    I about had a heart attack when I tried to buy them at Oreilly. I bought some off Amazon way cheaper and they are holding up well in the foul weather here.
  24. Mike69cuda

    Wiring Aftermarket Gauges

    Usually the orange wire on Mopars is the dash light circuit.
  25. Mike69cuda

    Manifold Vacuum Experiment

    My barracuda ran worse when I did this. Seems like it makes it work opposite of how it was designed.
  26. Mike69cuda

    How many of your personal cars ended up in junkyards?

    It’s pretty bad when the dealer starts laughing when they see my trade in…..
  27. Mike69cuda

    Power Disc Brakes not working on hard stop?

    I have been working on mine and found both rear wheel cylinders are leaking. Don’t know if that is part of the issue, more to come…..
  28. Mike69cuda

    Replacing Instrument Cluster bulbs with LEDs - Illumination Detail Question - 67 Barracuda

    No additional resistors needed. I left my front turn signals as incandescent, so I didn’t even need to change the flasher. The turn signals work the same. On the dash lights, no resistors needed. I am old and like my dash lights bright, so they are usually at full brightness anyway.