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    Welcome from NJ!
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    My Luck

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    Bad case of Diverticulitis

    Prayers sent your way my friend! I’ve had about 4 diverticulitis attacks over the past 6 years or so. I ended up in the ER on the first one. I figured out what you are doing during the second episode. Massaging the left side of your gut as you try to go does help somewhat, after you’ve taken...
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    Hello from Poland

    Welcome from New Jersey USA!
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    @Prints Valiant Welcome from NJ!
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    Hi there!

    Welcome from NJ!
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    I salute you men and women who

    I showed you the good before. Now, here is the bad and the ugly.
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    Welcome from NJ!
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    I salute you men and women who

    Thanks @abodywgn (But I cheated - this is my latest of three workbenches. The other two are full!)
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    New Member

    @ihop Welcome from NJ!
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    New to FABO

    Welcome from NJ!
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    65 barracuda gauge cluster

    I have one. Sell it for $75 plus shipping. If you are interested, I will take a photo of it tomorrow.
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    Welcome from NJ!
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    Post Snowman Pictures Here

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    put the old cub to work today...

    @abodyjoe Good job Joe! Much better that shoveling by hand! Here I am yesterday:
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    Thanks for the join

    Welcome from NJ!
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    Random pictures thread

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    [SOLD] Manual Steering Box

    How much do you want for the one from PST?
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    Dog images - pics drawings and cartoons

    Here’s our Lucy. She loves getting dressed up.
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    Happy Birthday IronRacer!

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    Projects you have on the list but keep putting off....

    Dig out the gyrocopter project and finish it so I can fly it. The bottom photo is of someone else’s, and it is ready to fly.
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    [SOLD] 1970 Roadrunner 383 4 Speed in NJ

    Sale pending.
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    [SOLD] 1970 Roadrunner 383 4 Speed in NJ

    @frodo84 It has a clean/clear title in my name. I traded for it about 15 years ago. I started it up with a hot wire back then because turning the key didn’t do anything. I drove it onto the trailer to bring it home and I rolled it into my concrete floored barn, where it sat ever since. I...