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    2017 ram 2500 broken manifold bolts Emission Related Parts These are examples of other parts of your vehicle which have a primary purpose other than emis sions control but which nevertheless have significant effects on your vehicle’s emissions. If any of these parts fail to...
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    Random pictures thread

    A 773 on page 773
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    Hot Mopar Babes III

    If one doesn’t like what’s posted in this thread, THEN DON’T LOOK AT THIS THREAD……….
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    I've lost my boost

    Above is a 7/8” coupler Above are performance couplers in “street” 1.125” and competition 1.25” Jacks shaft measured 1” (LOL) so I’m assuming he has a 7/8” spline coupling
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    Help build a 408 stock block 5.9!

    Icon Pistons IC982-030 Fits SB Chrysler Dish 34cc Bore 4.030 Icon Piston IC982 (specifically designed for boost) has a 34cc dish for use with a 360 running a 4” stroke. This will net 8.8 to 1 CR with 65cc heads. I believe this is the lowest CR possible with an off the shelf piston. Definitely...
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    Mopars at the Patch 2024

    Last year I sent Island DragWay an email about rescheduling the rained out Mopar event, that’s possibly the only reason why it actually got rescheduled. I sent MapleGrove an email a couple of weeks ago inquiring about a Mopar Day and specifically suggested that it be a combined event like Mopars...
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    Mopars at the Patch 2024

    Test & Tune plus Mopars at the Patch | Island Dragway This is a Test and Tune Event with a Car Show.
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    Super Bowl who ya' like??

    Team Ruff Vs Team Fluff
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    Speaking of body suits

    @Ben Drinkin would tap that!
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    Random pictures thread

    Ben Drinkin would tap that!!
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    **600hp sbm block limit? Or is it bs!!**

    I run SCE Pro Copper head gaskets. My heads are O-Ringed with receiver grooves cut in the block.
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    300 HP out of a 318, is it possible with bolt ons?

    This bolt on will fill the cylinders at any elevation even with the stock cam, taking advantage of a low CR.
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    This is crazy. Elite Motorsports

    Erica Enders
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    Random pictures thread

    A 727 on page 727
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    How about a 'Poly 318' page for us diehards lol

    Sharp eyed viewers will notice the Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake manifold from a GM LS1 and Ford headers.
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    Turbo'd con-rod preferences?

    Yeah, I’m curious as to why Ross states not recommended for Turbo Applications but can be used with Nitrous upto a 250 shot…. 2618 is great for a boosted application. It seems the top ring is far enough away from the piston crown too. Keep us posted.
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    Turbo'd con-rod preferences?

    Based off of the manufacturers recommendation.
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    Turbo'd con-rod preferences?

    Chrysler 'A' Block: 360 - Flat Top: 4.030 Bore - 3.580 Stroke -5.50CC - #99627 - Ross Racing Pistons Not recommended for Turbo Applications. I’d suggest using your current rotating assembly for a non boosted application.
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    Turbo'd con-rod preferences?

    What’s the part# and CR on those Ross Pistons?
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    [WANTED] SBM Gear Drive Timing

    [FOR SALE] - CAT Small Block Gear Drive - New
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    Random pictures thread

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    The Breaker Finder 5000

    For your application I’d recommend sharing the neutral, it’s less complicated. A “Tie-Bar” will de-energize both of your 120v circuits that you plan to use temporarily as a 240v circuit.
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    Random pictures thread

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    Mopars at the Patch

    I’m in, hold my beer and watch this ****… lol
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    Pocono Road Course Video

    Mopars at the Patch
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    Is a MP 509, 292 purple shaft a decent cam on a supercharged motor

    @mopardude318 James, I got a MP 509/292 used cam and hydraulic MP lifters that are still matched with their respective lobes. Care to trade for one of your B&M blower snouts?
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    Oregon cam nailed it!!!

    James, clear out your inbox
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    Mopars at the Patch

    I’m in! The weather forecast looks good!!!