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    [WANTED] 70-72 Duster / Valiant - Grille to bumper fill panel

    I am still in need of a grille to bumper fill panel for a 70-72 Duster. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you, Wade
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    [WANTED] 70-72 duster grille filler panel etc

    I need the grille filler panel to bumper. I’d also like to buy the rest of the grille support along with the hood latch. Please shoot me a PM. Thank you! Wade
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    [Found!] 1970 - 1972 Plymouth Duster Hood (or valiant)

    WTB - 1970-1972 Plymouth Duster / Valiant hood. Need it shipped to Houston. Car is at bodyshop and they're ready for the hood. Please let me know what you have before I order fiberglass. Thank you
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    [WANTED] WTB: 1970-1972 Plymouth Duster / Valiant hood

    I'm looking for a 70-72 Duster / Valiant hood. Please post or shoot me a PM with what you have. Ready to buy. Thank you Wade NW Houston, TX
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    How to Megasquirt your 3G Hemi

    You are correct. I wrote this before mike released the gold box. EFI Source is arguably the best way to go if doing megasquirt and 3G hemi these days.
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    Chris- Mike has got it right- car is waiting its turn at paint. I spun three cam bearings on the duster in June of 2016, and I sent it to paint after that. I'll be in Austin this weekend with the viper racecar at COTA. Come out if you have time. Parade laps at lunch all three days I believe...
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    Need some advice

    What all is included, Joe? In my experience, the market is right around $4,000 for a complete running 6.1, so I think you're priced correctly. But having no first hand knowledge of hearing it run is a concern. Do you have leak down numbers? And you could pull a couple bearings to inspect for a...
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    How to Megasquirt your 3G Hemi

    Glad you enjoyed the video! Ha- yes always fun chasing down 'faster' cars
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    5.7 with hilborn injection

    Lancerman- I use megasquirt - MS3x. You cannot go very big on a cam on a factory piston 5.7. 218/224 113+3 is about it. Maybe a tad more, not sure. You should start a thread with your specific questions - most people don't open...
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    Questions: Fluids and Wiring

    I've run a bunch of different oils in the 3G Hemi. I run conventional for at least first 500 miles or so. Straight 30 wt. Then 20-50 amsoil for high temp open road racing. Also have run 5-20 in the past (factory spec for 5.7 if I remember correctly). I run synchromesh in my tko. I was thinking...
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    Questions: Fluids and Wiring

    6 quart plan = 6 quarts total, plus a tad for filter, etc. So really 6.5ish when you account for the filter, and probably a bit more for oil in the system. I would recommend you fill 6 quarts from dry and mark the dipstick. When I did everything, I put in the dipstick with the pan off and...
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    AEM EFI starting & tuning (Gen3 426)

    What injector size? You can copy one of my tunes from the Megasquirt thread that is a sticky in this sub forum. That'll get you moving in the right direction. You'll need to input your engine size and injector size into the tuning program for the VE tables to calculate correctly, though. Ask...
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    EFI question

    The only thing holley does that megasquirt doesn't do is closed loop WOT (including nitrous). Some argue it's a bad idea. Others swear by it, as it saved their motors in quarter mile passes when a fuel pump started to fail (multiple were boosted). MS3x stays open loop for WOT, and has AFR safety...
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    Gen III Front accessories, Best combo and belt routing??

    Car timing cover and all accessories. Factory belt routing. You can leave out the AC compressor and just run a shorter belt (YMMV- I killed belts without it), but you cannot leave out the PS pulley (must run PS pulley or PS delete pulley- factory PS delete pulley from later hemi's won't work...
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    Pics of pro-touring Duster with 20s?

    Thanks Brandon. Dish will be easy for most in the rear (if an A body rear). It is harder up front, as you'll need a decent amount of offset to tuck the wheels in the front fenders. There are some wheels that can still be had with dish and a decent offset, though. To date I've run...
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    Pics of pro-touring Duster with 20s?

    18's with 26.2" tall tire. If you're going to run 20's, run tall tires (26.5-27.0+"), and make sure the wheel lip tucks in the fenders.
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    1973 Duster

    Car looks great!!!
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    Head Gasket Choices

    6.1 Fel-pro is stock. Carries the mopar part number and everything. 26366PT
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    Anyone with power steering?

    Found my part number: Edelman 70344 had to rebend a bit. That is for the borgeson with Bergman adapter and hemi pump.
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    Anyone with power steering?

    I've run with factory ps and Borgeson ps. I used 73 and 71 factory hoses for both. The power steering pump side is standard vs metric, but the threads fit and the o ring fitting is nearly perfect. Zero leaks.
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    My 1971 Duster 6.1 Hemi build

    Looks great!! I need to do that outer tub mod for sure. Starting Alex's car tomorrow. You around?
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    My sack of lemons....

    Sounds awesome Emil!
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    My sack of lemons....

    That thing looks soooo good
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    SRT8CUDA Build

    Exciting you're getting so close!
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    Re-wiring the car. Who's wiring kit?

    American Autowire here as well. Power Plus 20 street rod kit from ebay ($263+$20 shipping) in 2011.
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    I do think there's a law of diminishing returns when it comes to tire width. The corvette guys on R compounds have found they are faster on 275's on some tracks, and 315's on others. You're only going to get so much contact patch area, so you either get it front to back or side to side...
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    And I want 315's square. Hahahaha Edit: 295/35/18 might be a better fit than a 315/30/18. Current tread width with 265/40/18 super sports is 10.2", 26.3" tall (10.7 sec width). Tread width with 295/35/18 is 10.8, 26.1" tall (11.9 sec width). 275 and 285 don't add tread width over the 265 in...
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    The .64 OD in the car is really just a cruise gear. It's a 2500 rpm drop (6500 down to 4000). The .82 is much better- 6500 to ~5300. Also- I'll probably swap rear gears at some point. The biggest issue is the track I've been running is shutting down for good in June. So there's no good reason...
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    Car is dual purpose. It has AC, stereo, full interior, etc., and it's got a 4 pt removable roll bar, 5 pt harnesses, etc. I've been casually looking for a 'racecar' to take over track duties, mainly for increased safety gear. I'm unwilling to make the duster full track, as I want to be able to...
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    Build thread- 73 duster, forged 5.7 w/ PS and AC, 5 spd, big brakes and floater rear

    Ha- I blew up the 5.7 in 2013. Ran a bone stock 6.1 for a year. Now I've got a 6.1 based 392 (3.795 stroke x 4.055 bore). Should be 450 rwhp or so now, maybe a bit more once I tune it. Yes- that little c2 vette is salty fast! I'm believe it weighs under 3,000 lb and he mentioned it has 600 hp...