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    Lumber question for those in the building trades

    All building materials here are imperial measurement. Of course fasteners are available in both systems.
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    The stupidity of Facebook

    That's why old farts like me use their knees to drive
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    1968 Dodge Dart LO23 SS Hurst Hemi Real Deal
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    HBD 4spdragtop

    A day late and a dollar short as usual. Happy belated sir! Grant
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    FM3 names?

    I also believe that Penta Magenta was the Chrysler name.
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    FM3 names?

    Fm3 and fj5 sublime / limelight green were both introduced in spring. Edit. Wrong green, as per post below should be fj6
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    Hood Scoop

    Two scoops of raisins in a box of Kelloggs raisin bran
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    Hood Scoop

    Also 72 Demon with the two 4" holes in the hood
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    M-Code Cuda barn find

    Nice find! Question on the bulkhead connector area. Mine has black cloth tape around the connectors, seems like it was to keep wires from getting close to exhaust manifold. The picture of this area seems to have something routing the engine bay harnesses away. Anything like this?
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    I was amused by this

    Reminds me of the "auto rust technicians" torsion bar cap I bought in the late 90s. Thought it would make my life simpler. Was three pieces of 3/16" plate, crudely cut (including the hole for the torsion bar hex) with a cutting torch, and tacked together with a stick welder.
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    [FOR SALE] NOS 69 Barracuda script #2901852

    Not NOS, but on fender out of elements since 89.
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    Exhaust Tips

    A bit spendy , but used one of the pair from accurate exhaust on my turbo car. I know they are stainless, but a quality piece. Used abody version.
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    What's the problem with this 1967 Barracuda trunk trim???

    Just to clarify, we have already moved on from the topic of which taillights these are. You are correct that they are Not 68s. They are the correct for this car 67s. It is a simple matter of the 68 decklid, with 68 trim that at some point was used to replace the original 67 decklid on this 67...
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    What's the problem with this 1967 Barracuda trunk trim???

    1968 1967. You would have to fill the holes that would show from the 68 trim where it attaches near the middle, as the 67 center trim panel will not cover it.
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    What's the problem with this 1967 Barracuda trunk trim???

    The issue is that the trunk lid is from a 68. You are correct that the holes in the middle are for emblem attachment. The holes for the upper and lower trim for a 67 are along the lip edges, as well as additional holes to mount the center piece all through the center area. This is difficult to...
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    71 Duster 340 Vinyl Stripe Finish

    I currently have a 71 Duster 340 project with it's original stripes still on it. Definitely were matte looking at the portion wrapped on the inside of the door edge. Hth
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    Fan Shroud Restoration

    Simple to use. Apply with rag, let setup for a couple of minutes, then wipe off. Did find it important to not let it dry to long before wiping as it becomes tacky. Also best to really rub it in/off well.
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    Fan Shroud Restoration

    I've used this carworx product on plastic. Similar to what you used as it is linseed oil based. Refinish Restorer — Carworx
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    Installing doors

    This video is short and sweet. It explains how changes affect the positioning. Hope it helps
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    Anyone know how to find colors based off paint formula codes?

    Since it indicates ppg, I would think if you went to a local ppg paint store they could look up B5 and EB5 and tell you which one of the two uses that formula.
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    1968 barracuda fastback rear fan?

    My first 68 Barracuda, 318 w/deluxe interior had carpeted panels and rear defogger. Also around same time I parted a 68 with no carpeting on panels and it also had defogger. Both had toggles on dash.
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    What in the ill is THIS???

    Not a boat.
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    Anyone know electronics company's that sell power cords for Rip Tunes radio-cassette players.

    Not 100% sure, but looking at the user manual online, it appears to be a two prong female end. If so, these are common, and used on notebook adapters. Most adapters use either this two prong, or a three prong version. If so, they should be available at any computer store.
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    69 Notchback Mod Top $5000 Illinois. Marketplace NOT MINE

    Under construction, and not mine to do so. Believe he sent you something a while back.
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    Do your keys in your pocket make you feel lumpy.

    Probably not a bad idea to add this one as well
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    1970 Duster upper grill support

    Correct. Uses a bolt with a one of those black clip on nuts which is attached to flange on the fender.
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    69 Notchback Mod Top $5000 Illinois. Marketplace NOT MINE

    You have fender engine call out as your car is coded V78 for the stripe delete. Otherwise the call out would be in the stripe.
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    69 Notchback Mod Top $5000 Illinois. Marketplace NOT MINE

    You misread every post I wrote. No A53 tag indicates it is "not" a Formula S.