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  1. Josh owen

    Are you a Mopar purist?

    I'd find a Chevy to stuff in. Chevy motor mounts are bar none the easiest to make fit into anything. But companies do make a mount from Mopar to Chevy Lowers. They just make your engine have a weird upwards angle
  2. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 70-72 duster valiant front sheet metal

    It's off a Tennessee duster I stripped few years ago, has a little minor tweak shown in pics. $200.OBO Rather not ship but will at buyers expense I can take apart if your rather. Shipping from Ellsworth Wisconsin 54011 I am planning a trip to hammond Indiana March 9th so if you are in that...
  3. Josh owen

    Your first mopar...?

    I wish I had pics from when I got this 67 I got when I was 14, I'm 34 now and this is her current state with my wife and kids. Now I have a few more but my first car I bought at 12 at an auction on accident for $200 it was a 69 road runner 383 auto and hit on front passenger corner. My great...
  4. Josh owen

    Anyone here know this 56 Coronet Lancer?

    I love that color on yours, got along ways to go on ours. Just hoping someone buys it before I have to start building it.
  5. Josh owen

    Opinions from those who have Mopars but no garage

    I have a 30x40x10. I have cars at my mom's house in her 24x45 garage. I have cars at my dad's in his 40x60 shed and I have cars up the side of my shop and behind the shop in a flat lot I made... Soon I'll be cutting woods down and tucking cars back there. It's a real addiction. I have the...
  6. Josh owen

    SWEET billet throttle bracket

    Believe the last one on eBay I bought was 15 or 16 bucks last year. Have 5 of them and haven't had an issue with one yet
  7. Josh owen

    Dodge Lancer owners

    I figured! Just being a smartass good luck and good on you for giving away!!
  8. Josh owen

    Dodge Lancer owners

    Only if this lancer counts
  9. Josh owen

    [Found!] 70-72 Duster Grille and filler panel

    I've got the filler and latch assembly but again I'm in WI
  10. Josh owen


    What he quoted and what he had on the bill. It's the 6th one he has done for me and my old man plus dozens of small parts. It's a big facility that's all they do. Turn around is a week to 2 weeks. Plus the frames are texas frames so they are extremely nice to start with
  11. Josh owen


    Here in Wisconsin we did a complete truck frame dropped it off he blasted it completely and powder coated it. Absolutely beautiful work that was $300. He blasted two 8.75 housings and coated and that was $100 for he pair. For how cheap it is worth every penny.
  12. Josh owen

    Got fired last year.

    None the less. Awesome lol wouldn't feel a thing when you hit the first ledge
  13. Josh owen

    Got fired last year.

    Definitely remote controlled. I run heavy equipment for a living. No one was in that excavator but that would have been a ride!!
  14. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    The guy hasn't logged in since he posted the AD. he ain't coming back unfortunately
  15. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    Will trade for an a833 side cover also
  16. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    Power steering column as well, sorry forgot to include that. It's in really nice shape.
  17. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    I have a steering column from a 74 swinger auto on column. Tan in color was sold and buyer backed out so hence reason it's still packaged and I didn't want to cut package apart. I will take $100 +shipping in the lower 48 located in bay city wisconsin
  18. Josh owen

    Need New Drums

    Here's some I just pulled off a 1977 8.25 rear end this weekend. May help with a visual. These will bolt into 8.75 if you enlarge the bottom hole with a step bit to open up your options on better brakes
  19. Josh owen

    71 Duster 318 fuel pump not pulling fuel from new gas tank

    I just had this happen for the first time I couldn't get it to pull fuel, I sucked fuel up and got it flowing from the line and shoved it into pump. Been fine ever since.
  20. Josh owen

    Tunnel ram Tuesday!!!...

    Craigslist is the best for snagging good buys!
  21. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    I'm guessing it's gone... I've messaged and posted here and haven't heard a peep and he's within 30 minutes from me
  22. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    Front bumper and bumper shocks?
  23. Josh owen

    My wife was furious when she found this on the dresser

    Our kitchen....422ci blender
  24. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] Numerous parts and parts cars 50s - 70s

    Price on the 68 2 door?
  25. Josh owen

    Wtf is wrong with employers these days?!

    I love my union, never going back to non union work I can tell you that for free!!! 49ers operators union. Healthcare and decent wages and union stewards that have your back instead of the coward employers
  26. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] Not an A body. 56 dodge

    Very very solid 56 royal Lancer from Montana 2021. have title, have 10" wide wheels to match the front runners. Weld drag lites. No motor no trans. 8.75 rear end. Frame perfect. Only rust is shown in floor $6500 in ellsworth wi. Was my dads dream car and Inline to restore next but truck coming...
  27. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    I have not touched it I parked it. Changed fluid and filter, test drove it and parked again and covered that one up. I have all the main things to swap to a 4 speed anyway and I wanna pull the 340 out for one of my dusters anyway so might be tome to build a 383 and big block and 4 speed swap it.
  28. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    Seems like destiny is telling me it's time for a 4 speed in it anyway.