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  1. sean

    1967 Barracuda Progress....

    Nice! I was very tempted with black or going with the original color (Dark Red) ended up with light tan metallic and redoing the blk vinyl top. Did you stick with small bolt pattern on the wheels?No matter what, it's wicked!
  2. sean

    Headliner insulation?

    I used a product called FATMAT. Its similar to Dynamat, a little less expensive and is super sticky. I don't think heat will be an issue.
  3. sean

    notch back

    There are pics of my car in the members photo gallery; '67 383 Formula S notch back. Its getting painted as we type I'll post more pics as I get them.
  4. sean

    1967 Big Project

    Nothing for a '67. Thanks tho.
  5. sean

    1967 Big Project

    Here goes, I need to find Front and Rear window channels for my 1967 NOTCH back Barracuda. these could also be called the rubber seal that holds the windshield in place and one for the back window too. If anyone knows of a vendor please let me know. This car needs help and I want to do it well...