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    Rack and pinion

    A rack & pinion is better than a recirculating ball. Make sure you have no bump steer if you get a rack and mount it yourself.
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    Age of "new" tires

    I've had them tell me they should be changed at 3 years old.
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    Chinese Holley

    Edelbrock no longer produces carbs so that means no more Qjets or Carters. Their reasoning is that they are obsolete! FI is the future so that's where they're going to put that money. If you need one or two for your Hemi this should add a little more urgency to your search.
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    Edelbrock 1406 on 318 jetting

    These carbs were built from Carter AFB specs since Edelbrock bought the rights. Very easy to work on and easy to tune.
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    Planning a shop build, any suggestions?

    Build it twice as big as your plan! It's unbelievable how quickly you run out of space.
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    Tony passed away. No specifics.
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    Taking bets(no money involved) How long will this engine last?

    I did that to my 57 T Bird 292 in 67 and then went out and beat the crap out of it for 5 years before I sold it, and it was still running like a champ!
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    New episode of " NAME THIS PART !"

    I have a friend with a Cummins swapped sweptline.
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    To daily drive, or not....

    We drove the crap out of them when they were new and I still do.
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    Roller Rockers 1.5 vs 1.6

    One thing to remember is, the the piston chases the exhaust valve closed and the intake valve chases the piston open.
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    Cat Piss.

    No your not the only one. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. As a 73 yr old man who lives alone, they are a great comfort and very entertaining.
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    Thumbs up to Howard's cams

    I ran Howard's stuff in my altered in the 60's with a 331 stroked to 404 Hemi with 6X2. Never disappointed.
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    2 Ton floor jacks

    Seen too many like the one on the left fold over.
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    Flowmaster carburetors

    It's a Holley carb flowmaster is who rebuilt it.
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    Stroke with only Pistons and Crank?

    It will generally put the wrist pin into the oil control rings, but depending, it could only require pistons with less deck height.
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    Any truth to the practice of BLACK painted parts dissipating heat better?

    My reason for painting engines black for the last 40 years.
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Installing a T-5 in my '65 /6 Dart.
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    Early A T5 Transmission Swap Pictures

    I'm in the middle of doing this to my '65 Dart with the late multi pattern bell, but with a different approach. There is a threaded hole in the lower left that will work with approximately .005-.010 filed from the hole in the trans. The upper left and lower right take some filling with a welder...
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    Before you did anything else you should have squirted oil in the cylinders and tried it again. Fresh parts and machining won't do much to contain air without the help of oil.
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    2022 MATS Las Vegas

    Still winter in Las Vegas too!
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    slant bellhousings

    This bell looks like it would accept T5. I read somewhere that some of the 80's trucks came with slants and T5s.