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  1. Peter Bates

    Holley Sniper return fuel line

    I ran 3/8 flex tube to the front cowl left side next to the pcu for the 392. I had to remove my original can up front as the fuse block and wiring took its place. The sniper is ok by I have overfilling issues now. You can hardly see the vent assembly I used. I actually took apart the vacuum...
  2. Peter Bates

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Just wrapped up installing a headlight relay kit. Made a difference but it's hard to tell. Drivers light just on battery power. First pic before second after. I'm tired so can't tell if it is brighter. None the less it wil be less of a load to the gauges.
  3. Peter Bates

    The Home Brew Hobby Thread

    ANyone need my recipe list just pm me. I've brewed for years and have mastered imo the summer ale. It's a Microsoft excel spreadsheet. Bates
  4. Peter Bates

    Front Disc Conversion-Proportioning Valve and Master Cylinder

    I bought my prop valve from MBM boosters but I'd assume that doc diff is the same thing. Looks like you have the proper master cylinder
  5. Peter Bates

    Throttle bracket

    I have a stock set up that you can have. I have it posted on the Forum for another person but I am not privy to who gets it. First come first serve and i just wanna help. Peter 7345453794. I'll send it free.
  6. Peter Bates

    Treatment for cancer is kicking my ass

    Keep your spirit highmy friend. You have people to watch over for a long time coming. The way I handled going through a rough time like this (brain tumor removal) was to stop, think and watch my little ones. Watching them be curious little beavers took my mind off the aches and stress I was...
  7. Peter Bates

    High comp starter

    Look into the powermaster starters. Fit great and have lots of balls.
  8. Peter Bates

    1968 340 harmonic balancer and main pulley

    I have a 340 main pulley, two belt, if you need it. Just PM or txt me your address and I'll send her off. Free. Peter 7345453794
  9. Peter Bates

    Our best friends (four legged) 2018 shots

    My dear Sadie. Passed away at 13yrs old. She was a lovely kid.
  10. Peter Bates

    What did you do for chassis stiffening?

    Firm feel front tubular sway bar 1 /8" and their tubular upper control arms. That coupled with the frame connectors, inner fender supports, and torque boxes from US Car Tool have made my Cuda handle like a dream. I also have the firm feel stage 3 power steering gear box. Had the car for 36yrs...
  11. Peter Bates

    Hemi Radiator Options

    I used the radiator supply house. It's a great fit and works wonderful though the flow for the tranny sucks so I had to put in a alternate fan controlled cooler for that. I have it programmed to kick on at 190f and she never reached 200 yet. I bought bouchlen hoses for the tight fit.
  12. Peter Bates

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    I showed my brother how to start it with the new anti theft device for when I pass, which is coming in short time. Long story but he appreciated the efforts to ensure he does not get confused with the new wiring and such.
  13. Peter Bates

    Bald Eagles..

    In had two perched on my house over the summer. The local dogs were pissy.
  14. Peter Bates

    New from ohio

    I'm an Ohioan as well. Been all my life for the most part. Love the car. Enjoy our wonderful season.
  15. Peter Bates

    Truck shopping

    Go with a dodge and buy the maxi care package so you'll never ever have a worry about anything. A simple 100 dollar deductible and your set. It's so worth the 2-3k up front cost. Especially when older and retired though I'm not. I have the maxi care on all my Chrysler's. Used the warranty cost...
  16. Peter Bates

    halogen headlights

    I mail em to ya for free. If you like em then by all means send me a few cigars. If not then recycle. Peter.
  17. Peter Bates

    Opinion on oil

    My 392 calls for 0-40 weight. Mopar backed manual
  18. Peter Bates

    Does Coca-Cola Convert rust? Results

    Apple cider vinegar.
  19. Peter Bates

    halogen headlights

    Ii bought these and don't like em. If you want them PM me your address and I'll send to you. No conversion stuff required. I can't return due to eBay BS.
  20. Peter Bates

    TTI exhaust, is it worth it??

    Mine were not pitted looking like that at all. And mine were ceramic coated for btr heat containment.
  21. Peter Bates

    Replacement Fuel Tanks

    Your probably right. I'm sure I set the height correctly so I'll measure the signal to see what I got coming in. For now I know I get 17.6mpg on this new hemi so I'll just keep an eye on the miles when the gauge hits empty.
  22. Peter Bates

    Replacement Fuel Tanks

    Great comments. Yes I bought the Cuda version. Gauge worked great before with old tank. She's well grounded. Yes the pump kicks off but the new tube is designed differently that. The original so I just keep and eye on it.
  23. Peter Bates

    Low(er) Priced Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    For a quick and cheap calibration just buy a cheap starret or mitiyoto 1/4x3" block. Heck I think I have something that would work for you. PM me your address and next week I'll send it to you. Free. I have lots of engineering goodies.
  24. Peter Bates

    Replacement Fuel Tanks

    I have the Tanks Inc one in my Cuda. It's pretty quite and delivers what I need to the 392 with no issues. Buy the GM style fuel filter and plug away. I also installed new year one fuel lines while I was at it. Only probs I have is that my gas gauge is off a lot and it tends to overfill easily...
  25. Peter Bates

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Installed (80%) the hydro boost braking system. Looking forward to stopping on a fine line. It's tough on the linkage but connecting directly to the pedal arm did the trick.
  26. Peter Bates

    TTI exhaust, is it worth it??

    Tti 3 inchers are on my Cuda but it has an awefuly loud bellow noise at cruising speed. It's mind numbing. I gotta find a quitter muffler and sacrifice the low pitch Rumble.
  27. Peter Bates

    Which disc brake conversions have others used

    I have Wilwood and am very disappointed. Heck I may elect to rip em off and go back to stock.
  28. Peter Bates

    What is the next guy gonna say?

    After many a discussions with my brother I have finally found out the truth to why I found corn stalk crap wedged into areas I didn't know existed until the panels started coming off. Guess when your 18 in the 80's, high, and jumping railroad tracts one tends to bounce off the road and into a...
  29. Peter Bates

    Not too happy with my fans.....

    I have the rad from radiator sullly house they use dual 3000cfm fans. I have them kicking in at 190f with my thermostat opening at 180f. Have not seen 200f yet but it's been a mild summer here in Ohio. You. An add in a timed relay to keep the fan on for 30-60!seconds once you turn the motor off...
  30. Peter Bates

    Video Inside - Can You Guys Please Help Me Out

    That was pretty funny. I could see lots of blonde versions of that one as well but it was suited for what zombies eat. Keep it up you have talent.