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    A and A Transmissions U R out of luck

    AandA still going strong. Was just there a couple weeks ago . Like everyone else having trouble finding employees and keeping up with demand
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    Random pictures thread

    Rode in one of those a few times while in the army
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    Anybody going to Indy?

    Wife and I will be there thursday and all day fri. Never missed a show yet. Always a great time
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    Random pictures thread

    yes my 1974 duster360 was the same way
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    I've had the large Optima charger for years. All the money it saved me on batteries it payed for itself.
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    Things your Dad used to say.

    My Dad was bald by the time he was in his 30's and always said "God only made a few perfect heads, the rest he put hair on." I miss him.
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    Photos from "Mopar Max" Cedar Falls, Iowa 2012

    I talked with people from the track and they are planning on next year. Wish it wasn't so cold, was hoping for some kind of meet and greet. I would like to meet more of the FABO members. Thanks for the great pictures, mine is the black duster with the white strip. Tom
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    Monster Mopar weekend 2011?????

    Same weekend as Indy there is a Mopar only drag race car show and swap meet at Cedarfalls Raceway in Cedarfalls Ia. Hopefully some of you can make it there if Indy is to far. For more info go to Cedarfalls
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    Monster Mopar weekend 2011?????

    I talked with one of the promoters this year and he said there would be a M.M.W. in 2011 they just didn't know where. Hope he was right.
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    Monster Mopar Weekend....

    Will definitly be there, my wife and I won't miss this.We'll be racing our black 74 duster in s/pro car no. 5027. Hope to see you there.
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    looks like it's my turn........

    The day before is the worst. After the test I went home, took a big nap and when my wife got home, we went out for prime rib and some cold ones it tasted great. Good Luck I hope everything checks out OK. Tom
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    Veterans On the Board

    served 74-81 USARMY 2yrs active duty Fort Campbell Kentucky 5yrs army reserves wheeled vehicle mechanic. bought my 74 360 duster while stationed in kentucky.
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    Duster people .. check this please !

    i have a 74 duster and a 75 dart sport ,both are original and unrestored. they both have the d weather striping on the trunk. maybe try adjusting the latch.