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    1000hp 727 full manual build

    Call A&A Transmission they can help you out and recommend what you need
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    Digging for info - front drum explosion on 727s

    The stock drum is what fails. If you have an after market drum you don't have to worry
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    727 overhaul questions. Good valve body w/ trans brake

    I would recommend A&A transmission they have several options to chose from. I've been using their trans since 1993 awesome part. Tom
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    Trans brake

    Check out AandA Transmission they have more than one valve body to pick from. I have been drag racing with Rick's transmissions since 1993. Only problem I ever had was self inflicted. Great people to deal with. I average around 500 pass, before it needs to be freshened. That's in a 2850lbs...
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    Mopar 8 3/4 or Ford 9?

    Riddler, Check with they are located in Iowa and can help you with anything you need to build a 9in. rearend. Talk to Doug ,they built mine and I couldn't ask for nicer or stronger rearend. Good luck with your build. Tom