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  1. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] 15x10 Cragar Super Tricks

    Looking for a matched set of Cragar super tricks in 15x10 size, prefer 4-1/2" to 5" rear spacing, 4-1/2. 4-3/4 or 5 bolt pattern. Must be very nice SATIN finished (no polished units) condition and not over-priced! If you have something of interest, please PM me here. thanks...
  2. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] 68-71 383 blocks and crankshafts

    Still looking for good/undamaged '68-'71 standard bore 383 blocks and good/undamaged 383 forged crankshafts...within 250 mile radius od Savannah, Tenn. IF you have something of this nature, by-all-means PM me here...thanks!
  3. blue_stocker

    How excited do you get about racing ??

    Come on, since WHEN is there an age limit (too young/too old!?!)...nadda! My Dad warned me about the addicitive nature of playing with hot rods even though he never raced. The first time I went to a dragstrip, it was beyond cool and 2 yrs later my first trip down the track was like somebody had...
  4. blue_stocker

    [Found!] 750 Carter AFB

    If you would, please PM me here and send pics and info to my email, thanks...wb
  5. blue_stocker

    Quick time with Jerico on a B/RB

    Have any alignment issues other than the typical dial in the bore routine? Thanks...wb
  6. blue_stocker

    Quick time with Jerico on a B/RB

    Anybody here using a Quicktime bellhousing with Jerico DR4? Other than the rotten expense, is there or are there any fitment or tech issues with these? This is for an A-body application if any of you are thinking 'why not use the Lakewood'? I know the Quick time units are much smaller in the...
  7. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Edelbrock 7186 intake

    not quite but good enough to paint...
  8. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Edelbrock 7186 intake

    Looking for an Edelbrock 7186 intake in very nice to excellent condition, no mods, no stains, PM me here if you have something you think I might be interested in, THANKS!
  9. blue_stocker

    [Found!] 750 Carter AFB

    Still looking, thanks...
  10. blue_stocker

    [Found!] 750 Carter AFB

    Got it on the FBBO site, thanks...
  11. blue_stocker

    [Found!] 750 Carter AFB

    Looking to purchase a Carter AFB 9755/6/7 in very good condition, no rust or corrosion on the plated parts, semi-shiney body pieces and complete with NO modifications. If you have something of this nature, please PM me here, thanks..
  12. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] '68-71 383 bare blocks

    That would be good, if it's a '68-later and the price? Thanks for responding to my ad, much appreciate...wb
  13. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] '68-71 383 bare blocks

    I am still looking for std bore 68-71 383 bare blocks, with or without main caps. Other than normal wear, no damage. PM me here if you have something I may be interested in within 230 miles of Savannah, Tenn. Thanks...wb
  14. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] 68 Dart GTS 383 4 speed

    What sort of 'trade' might you be interested in? Any particular years and models? Thanks...wb
  15. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] 68 FB Barracuda basket case

    Thanks Joe, I'll pass...
  16. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] 68 FB Barracuda basket case

    Hey Joe, I PM'd you yesterday...did you check your mail box? Thanks...wb
  17. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] parking brake cables 63-66 valiant/b'cuda

    OOPS my mistake, wrong application...
  18. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Standard bore 383 blocks and forged crankshafts

    WTB, 67-71 383 Chrysler blocks and forged crankshafts. Anybody within a 200 mile radius of Savannah, Tennessee or in the Memphis area that has any good cores they want to sell, drop me a pm here, thanks...
  19. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] 915 B/RB cylinder heads

    ***SALE PENDING***
  20. blue_stocker

    [FOR SALE] Gen 2 426 Big 3 EFI

    Complete Big # EFI set up (not the engine), Indy manifold and valley plate, unknown throttle body, fuel rails with E85 Bosch injectors, ECU, harness, complete, dyno time only...$2500 plus shipping from Savannah, Tn. PM me if you have an interest, thanks...
  21. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Quicktime bellhousing

    WTB, quicktime bellhousing for BBM and Jerico transmission. PM me here if you have something, thanks...
  22. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Edelbrock 7186

    Looking to purchase an Edelbrock 7186, Perf RPM for low deck B-engine. Used is fine as long as it's not modified. If you have something like this, PM me here, Thanks...
  23. blue_stocker

    [WANTED] Enclosed trailer

    What do you consider cheaper and how far are you willing to travel for a good one?
  24. blue_stocker

    [SOLD] 915 B/RB cylinder heads

    This is a virgin set of 915 B/RB cylinder heads, cleaned/mag'd/cooked /blasted/hard seats installed on the exhaust, new 3/8" K-line guides, spring seats cut for 1.550 springs, New PEP 2.125 stainless intake valves, New Ferrea 1.74 5000 series stainless exhaust valves, comp valve job, guides cut...
  25. blue_stocker

    [Found!] SW 9000 cable tach

    Thanks for your responding to my ad, much appreciate...wb
  26. blue_stocker

    [Found!] SW 9000 cable tach

    Thanks but I'm looking for this particular model. I had 3 back in Calif and somehow they got lost in the move...oops!
  27. blue_stocker

    [Found!] SW 9000 cable tach

    Still looking...thanks!
  28. blue_stocker

    [Found!] SW 9000 cable tach

    Looking to purchase a 9000 rpm Stewart Warner mechanical tach. PM me here if you have something in excellent condition, thanks...
  29. blue_stocker

    [FOR SALE] 130T Hays aluminum flywheel

    NOS Hays 130T 8 bolt aluminum flywheel with bronze heat shield. Use this for a 10.5 or 10.95 B&B type pressure plate or possibly soft-lok set-up. $350 plus shipping from Savanah, Tenn. If you have an interest, please PM me here, thanks...
  30. blue_stocker


    I moved to the Savannah, Tn area, not quite 2 years ago from the State of Confusion, (dart 19666 knows all about that one, don't ya); best move I ever made, just wish it was decades ago!