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  1. Kegan B

    Lets hear your suggestions for a winch for a car trailer.

    I've got the old version of harbor freights 12,000lb winch and it does great, it's pulled anything from trucks to an 8n ford tractor.
  2. Kegan B


    These just came out and you can program them through your cell phone so no computer needed. MSD 6523 MSD Ultra 6AL Plus Ignition Control - Red
  3. Kegan B

    m2 diecast anybody else into these

    Never know with them, hood probably opens already though.
  4. Kegan B

    m2 diecast anybody else into these

    These are supposed to hit shelves at the end of the month.
  5. Kegan B

    Cylinder head milling

    What did you buy?
  6. Kegan B

    '69 Dodge Dart GTS

    I messed with it a little today, still waiting on the retainers for the hood hinges to show up. Dug through my hoard and found the latch support and all the needed hardware for install.
  7. Kegan B

    Interesting Summit Ignition Box

    Yup, put one in Dad's car late '22. So far, so good.
  8. Kegan B

    Was the 273 available in a 68 Barracuda?

    Doesn't appear to be available for '68. 318 and 340 are the only small blocks listed.
  9. Kegan B

    Facebook down for some users

    Mine was down for a bit, just figured I finally got a lifetime ban.
  10. Kegan B

    '69 Dodge Dart GTS

    Hit up the Indy swap meet and got some nice hood hinges, engine paint from Mancini and new in box set of Johnson solid lifters.
  11. Kegan B

    Indianapolis Swap This Weekend

    He is just down from glasstek in the second building.
  12. Kegan B

    Small bolt patern to big bolt patern

    Spindle and brakes, ball joint adapter or new uppers, brake hoses for the new calipers, pair of rear axles.
  13. Kegan B

    High quality country music

    He's got a few songs I don't mind listening to
  14. Kegan B

    69 340 Engine Looking For It's Home

    No, but if I had to guess it's from a Dart. From what the GTS Registry shows you there are 2 with 9B274xxx VINs. It's just a guessing game though.
  15. Kegan B

    [FOR SALE] Tony Fields 1967 Barracuda

    Yeah, only a few are left from when we switched to the new site layout probably
  16. Kegan B

    [FOR SALE] Tony Fields 1967 Barracuda

    I do not own this but it is for sale locally and I have the contact info for serious buyers. Most know this car, Tony's '67 has come up for sale. Factory slant car but now has a 360 (.060" over), auto and 8 3/4 rear. Black with Red interior ('67 pattern but '69 color). Here is the resto...
  17. Kegan B

    Sick Week Duster

    Here is the video where they repaired the engine in it,
  18. Kegan B

    Is anyone out there with the 69 Dart this belongs to?

    LS23 would be a GTS, this is LM23 so Swinger 340
  19. Kegan B

    Comp's XE Cams

    Valvetrain is a little noisy, hasn't really went through any parts though. It probably has close to 10k miles on it.
  20. Kegan B

    [SOLD] 67-68 Barracuda New bolt on Fiberglass hood

    Do you know who made it? Looks more like a '67-'68 Barracuda hood.
  21. Kegan B

    1968 Barracuda fastback..formula S 383/4spd..Restore or not?

    Looks like a good start for a tube chassis drag car, it already needs 2 frame rails anyhow.
  22. Kegan B

    Anyone use a diablo tuner?

    Yes you can change the fan settings with it. I've used a older predator and i3 (mostly for logging and CMR tunes).
  23. Kegan B

    What year and model Chrysler is this?

    Nope, Omni could be had in GLH-T and GLH-S. For 1987 the only way to get a GLH-S was in the Charger.
  24. Kegan B

    Pink 70 340 Duster goes for $62K on Mecum

    They claimed to have $250k+ into the resto on it. 1971 Plymouth Duster at Kissimmee 2024 as S50 - Mecum Auctions
  25. Kegan B

    Found an interesting find at O’Reilly auto

    They also had a Christmas ornament with the same casting in it, m2 has a few variants of it out (including a hauler set).
  26. Kegan B

    Headers for a A body

    Here is a decently priced set if you're set on going with a shorty header, [FOR SALE] - TTI Shorty Headers & Head Pipes
  27. Kegan B

    Basic 318 Mods

    If it won't see over 4500rpm then don't even waste the money on upgrades, not like you're actually buying one anyhow.
  28. Kegan B

    Rust! Should I sell it?

    You might have an easier time using Rust Mort on the area vs evaporust (unless they've changed it since I last used it). Also make sure to put a welding blanket on the back side of the glass if you're not going to pull it (helps to avoid pitting and in extreme cases broken window).
  29. Kegan B

    Look what followed me home

    That'd be James Reeves car, I wouldn't be shocked if he is lurking around here since he has a Duster too. 2.5/555 if I recall correctly.