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  1. Mopar Momzee

    Weight loss.

    Really good job ,looks good.
  2. Mopar Momzee


    Tried that, that hole may and probably will turn into a quarter size . Better to cut it out larger and add solid piece of metal. You dont know what it looks like on the back side. Been there done that, adding a new piece of metal more work but piece of mind.JMO jesse
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    new shop is done

    42’x 96’ x17’ to eaves was supposed to be 50x96 but wife was complaining it’s bigger then the house so I gave a little back. But it’s still bigger then the house ;)
  4. Mopar Momzee

    temporary garage

    I had 2 shelter logics warranty is 1year mine ripped a day before the 1 year. I got a free replacement then I upgraded the tarp to the 10 year what a difference well worth it. Cost to purchase i think is 750 can’t remember. If i was to do it again get a metal car port more durable and long lasting.
  5. Mopar Momzee

    new shop is done

    46k just for the foam. The shop was 117k with windows and garage doors nothing else. I have learned a lot from this process, should have went 1’ taller 18’ to eaves for more head room for mezzanine and i like what you got rolled steel for longevity.
  6. Mopar Momzee

    new shop is done

    Then I’m framing outside of spray foam turned my studs so I can sheath it to ceiling then you won’t see foam and I’ll add stained siding to make it like a barn inside. Started to add batting cause it was free. But as the spay foam I thinks it R value 30 on ceiling and 22 on walls.
  7. Mopar Momzee

    new shop is done

    Just spray foamed my shop, to give you and idea shop is 42x96x17. I did 4” on ceiling 3” on walls all closed cell. was 46k paid cash so that saved me 3k was to be 49k. Well worth the money would do it again its 100 degrees out side 76 inside. So save money you could bat and flash. 2” spray foam...
  8. Mopar Momzee

    Definition of insanity

    LOL . To funny . My wife cannot wait for my passing she thinks she will be rich. She’s tired of me saying one more thing , i need i more thing . Yep, now she walks away.
  9. Mopar Momzee

    [FOR FREE] Quincy air compressors

    Let me know don’t want the weather to affect them if it ever rains again.
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    Cleaning steering box?

    I cleaned it up then ( @dadsbee) advise put hot wax around seals then taped up with red stucco tape then Bead blasted it then high temp clear coat came out awesome.
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    [FOR FREE] Quincy air compressors

    Well they pumps were recently serviced extra pump comes with them really a smoking deal if someone has a way to get them. Really don’t want to recycle or dispose the only reason i got them is that a building i work in went to upgrade. There’s also an extra 60 gallon tank
  12. Mopar Momzee

    [FOR FREE] Quincy air compressors

    Yep he’s not to far away.
  13. Mopar Momzee

    [FOR FREE] Quincy air compressors

    Vacaville California
  14. Mopar Momzee

    [FOR FREE] Quincy air compressors

    Free air compressors 120 gallon 3 phase 15hp with 3rd motor as spare 80 gallon 7.5 hp 3phase also don’t want to throw them away or scrap them would rather go to someone that can use them. Pick up only. Pm me if interested. Thanks can send more pictures if interested
  15. Mopar Momzee

    [WANTED] Super six air cleaner

    Thanks guys , sirland how much are you wanting?
  16. Mopar Momzee

    [WANTED] Super six air cleaner

    Looking for a super six air cleaner. Will restore it if not in greatest condition thanks. Jesse
  17. Mopar Momzee

    Bay Area Suspension Installer Shops

    You mite want ask if there’s a local mopar member on here that would help you to save you the money and invest it other places. Seems like you will spend money you may not need to. Just saying. Jesse
  18. Mopar Momzee

    Prayers Needed

    I also had had trouble breathing for couple months, reg doctor was doing no test nothing finally called on line doctor. He immediately took her off as my primary and took over ran so many test.through all of this one test requires a scan (camera) of my throat found a lump 1stage cancer but was...
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    new shop coming along what lights you guys using led a must

    I just bought prime lights, I had prime do a comparison to what I have in my garage now. They can do the math for you I wanted i wanted it really bright also. We will see
  20. Mopar Momzee

    [SOLD] 225 slant 6 and 904 attached

    Your inbox is full would really like that air cleaner? If your willing to ship it. Thanks jesse
  21. Mopar Momzee

    [SOLD] 225 slant 6 and 904 attached

    Still interested in air cleaner. And upper and lower radiator hoses.
  22. Mopar Momzee

    Drive shaft loop

    Made my one got the idea from another member and The gap is filled in all the way around also.
  23. Mopar Momzee

    [SOLD] 225 slant 6 and 904 attached

    I know u dont want to part it but i would be interested in air cleaner if you change your mind. Thanks jesse
  24. Mopar Momzee

    [FOR SALE] Quincy 3 phase air compressers

    I have a 15hp Quincy air compressor 120 gallon tank runs with 2 7.5 hp motors and there’s a back up one also that goes with it. Second is a 7.5 Quincy 80 gallon tank. I did not take them apart all that i can tell is looking at them there is a smaller part missing from the front assuming its a...
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    Doug's '68 Dart

    Nice work how did that body work come so good ? You got pictures of the process ?
  26. Mopar Momzee

    Another Mopar Off My Bucket List - Barracuda Fastback

    Didn’t even know they had a speedway? Cool
  27. Mopar Momzee

    Another Mopar Off My Bucket List - Barracuda Fastback

    That’s the house he bought, Really nice that’s in Placerville?
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    Another Mopar Off My Bucket List - Barracuda Fastback

    Yep i pass through every Friday heading up to navada highway 50. I’m building a shop trying to get it complete. Then ill take it all up there as I’m passing through with the cars i could stop by hopefully couple months. How long will he be there?