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  1. blewbyu

    [FOR SALE] Big Bolt Disc Brake Cores and 73- up K Frame w/Disc

    I pretty much have anything that you would need
  2. blewbyu

    [Found!] 1971 duster v8 exhaust manifolds

    I have a pair in florida
  3. blewbyu

    [WANTED] Looking for factory bezel and radio from 68/69 Dart, that would be the thumb style radio.

    I should have these items out of town till Monday evening be Tuesday before I can send pics.
  4. blewbyu

    [FOR SALE] Ready to thin the heard of my last 2-340 project cars for one money

    Here is fender tag. There is seats, complete dash and all metal trim. No headliner or door panels or carpet. Car will pretty much need new interior. Seats are from other Dusters. As you can see this is a rare color for a Duster if you ask me.
  5. blewbyu

    [WANTED] Rear window trim

    I have the lower back glass trim shoot me a pm
  6. blewbyu

    [FOR SALE] Ready to thin the heard of my last 2-340 project cars for one money

    I have a Factory 1970 Swinger 340 with auto minus the original drive train, no fender tag or broadcast sheet. Also have extrta motors and trannys if need for addition money. This car was listed by itself previously. Clean Florida title. Second is a Factory 1972 Duster 340 with all original...
  7. blewbyu

    [FOR SALE] SBP A Body 8 3/4 axle housing complete with out chunks

    I do have an earlier one if that is what you need let me know. The one in pictures are the later ones.
  8. blewbyu

    [WANTED] 1972 Dart 318 22" Fan Shroud wanted

    I have one for stock radiator
  9. blewbyu

    [SOLD] New 68-69 Air cleaner

    I will get a measure ment
  10. blewbyu

    [SOLD] New 68-69 Air cleaner

    Honestly I have no idea. Have had this for years just no box but never installed
  11. blewbyu

    [WANTED] 70-71 Duster Fenders

    Found a passenger still need a drivers side
  12. blewbyu

    [SOLD] 1970 340 Swinger

  13. blewbyu

    [FOR SALE] 1970-1972 Dart Front and Rear Valances.

    Still have the sanded rear one