1980s dodge truck doors



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Aug 10, 2011
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Hey guys and gals. I need your help with something. Does anyone have ( or can take) a good picture of of the inside of the door framing (without the door panels) of a 81-93 dodge truck. I am going to attempt to fix the cobbled up disaster I was left by a previous owner who hacked the inside of the doors up. What I'm thinking is I have some 2001 dodge doors I can use the metal out of them as a doner and weld in braces and try to piece the metal back together for ridgeditys sake anyway. I know it won't be pretty but I will cover it up with door panels so it will at least be more ridged. Here's what I'm dealing with. The inside is extremely floppy the metal around the handle flexes and moves when you open and close the door. So I'm gonna reenforce it. I'd just like to see what it should look like so I can kinda get an idea of where to put metal back in. Thanks!





You're welcome. Sorry I don't have more. I just got done with my 84. If you really need more, I could strip the panel off.
You're welcome. Sorry I don't have more. I just got done with my 84. If you really need more, I could strip the panel off.
No you don't have to do that I just need a general idea of where to put metal back. That will work perfectly!
Kevin...I'll try to get you one of the drivers door on my 88. The panel is off, so it won't take but a minute. It's a power window door, but I don't think that matters.
Just a thought?

500 and free ship, there would be sales tax through for L & R doors.



Would think if your '88 doors have no rust on the outer skin and lower frame shell, that is most important.

Your's are already painted red, assembled, on the truck and fit the opening. Some of those aftermarket don't fit quite perfect like the OEMs do.

Just having to paint the aftermarket doors red can be a major expense in itself. Red is one of the most expensive colors to buy. Auto body supplies crazy.....

VS just tach welding in a few support pieces ???

You are smart, you will figure it out.

Yea and there is alot of work going in them to swap them. Glass, window mechanics, door latch all the mechanical stuff for that. Weather stripping getting them to line up properly etc etc. I think I start with my original plan and just try to reinforce the ones I have. For now. If it don't work then I'll look into this option
Here’s what my 88 door looks like. Appears to be the same as the ones George posted above. This is a power window door, but I don’t think that matters.
So another weird problem I'm having now. I got to looking into the window regulator to replace the drivers side that's worn out. I can't seem to find just the crank (spindle) part they come in the whole thing. Problem is the manual window regulator which is what I need is listed only for 77-78. The only one I can find for 78-89 is power. They apparently do not make the manual for 80-89. So weird to me! I just wonder if I can make the 77-78 work. I even looked on lmc the list for them is the same.

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Maybe check with @moparmarks and see if he might have one. He had 47 doors listed a while back, and I think a lot of them were truck doors. He might even have some beat up doors he would cut inner panels from and sell you to weld in.
Thanks everyone for the pics this helps alot so comparing them to mine it looks like I need to add a piece to the left of the door latch mechanism and I should be fine. The bottom being opened up she be fine structurely. I have no clue why they would have cut that part out on both sides? There was no speakers or anything that high up so it makes no sense to me. I was thinking maybe they did it on the drivers side working on the windows or something but both side? Something doesn't add up.



OMG I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!! So I was looking thru these pics yall have posted I have them saved on my phone and I was scrolling thru them. And I figured it out. The reason they cut put that support was because it sticks out from the door! They couldn't fit there homemade door panels on because that section is outset from the rest of the door frame. So they just hacked it off!