2013 5.7 Gen III HEMI timing questions



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May 28, 2012
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Gilroy, Mexifornia.
Setting up timing on my Holley terminator x, ignition timing is set at 15°, timing at idle is 12°, timing at cruise is 35.3°, and ignition at WOT is 12.0°. Stock fuel injectors, does this sound about right?
id be really really careful using that holley preloaded timing. lots of engine get hurt by it. just an fyi.
My max timing is 26 degrees, pretty much runs much of the rpm range at 22. Picked up 2 tenths. Naturally aspirated Gen 3's don't like or need a lot of timing. If you have a scanner or code reader that shows data stream, plug it into a late model hemi vehicle and note the actual timing while going through rpm/load range. I found this out after paying for a dyno tune that didn't produce the numbers or feel it should have. I found the "tuner" entered distributor driven BB Chevy timing curve numbers. If your not running the knock sensors this can hurt. If you are running them run and check your data logs and see if they are kicking the timing back, how much, when and readjust your scale. then recheck to see if it was retarding at it's max and needs more. I'm guessing this is a stock 5.7 with no VVT or MDS and your running stock A/F metering numbers?
Gotcha, this is a stock 5.7 hemi in my POWERWAGON with terminator X. I did keep the MDS and VVT, yes I’m using my stock AF metering numbers.