26" Radiator



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Mar 11, 2019
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I may be interested in a MOP750-5, but the lower inlet is on the wrong side. '69 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner.

First one is a 22", so it's out. Not sure on the next 2. Have to do some measuring, don't care for the tank shape on the 757. So maybe the 754. Not crazy about possibly having to modify it to fit, same with fitting a shroud, but will look into it.
The champion that's in now, just got the car, would need work to mount a shroud, plus it doesn't fit that well. Which is what I am trying to avoid, not buy another of what I already have.

Thank you for answering!
FWIW, I have a 2899047 (3 core '68 B-body) in mine. Can't say if a shroud would line up right as I use a pair of electric fans.
I suppose that I can always give Bob a call at Glenn Ray. When I got a Cold Case for my '69 Dart, it fit perfect, but I did have to go with the '69 water pump for clearance with a clutch drive fan, but I knew this before I bought the radiator. All things that I have to work out. This Hemi Road Runner is my first big block and B-body, it's an old race car, and boy, it needs some love!