3 point seatbelts



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Mar 24, 2008
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Chesapeake, Va
Hey guys. Anyone have a 3 point seatbelt setup in an early a with stock seats that looks factory or know of a setup for doing this.


The dealer installed shoulder belts were simply a second belt that went from the roof to the floor. The two piece belts that were used eliminated the second buckle but didn't fit tall people any better. The problem was that the upper anchor point was too high. The belt would come across the neck rather than the chest.

The oldest A-body I've seen a true three point belt on is a 74 model. For the Demon, I used belts from a van. The buckles match those in the rear seat. You may have to find a conversion van shop or possibly seatbeltsplus.com would have a 3-point (sometimes called uni-belt) to get the older buckle on a modern harness.

Aircraft belts will work, but they are not DOT certified. As such most A/C belt businesses will not sell for automotive use. Blame the lawyers for that one.

Good luck. Hope to have been a help.
Anyone have a picture or two of the belt system in a 70 Duster with that extra belt mounted to the roof ??

I took the belts out (except for the roof one) years ago when I gutted the interior, and damned if I can remember how they go back in .. I have all the parts, and I remember using them way back when, but old age is setting in and have a case of CRS disease these days !!