[FOR SALE] 489 RB stroker- all or part

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MR Badfish
Feb 6, 2009
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Sun Prairie, WI
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Custom built 489 RB pump gas engine for sale (by Porting Dynamics- Maple Grove, MN) is my stump puller 489/ RB440. I'm putting the car back to a stocker, so the 489 is up for grabs here. Can hear run- still in car. Has about 50 passes on it since being freshened up and completely gone through. All aspects balanced & blueprinted - have all records on this engine. Dyno records- dynoed at 643 ft. lb/ 648 HP
My 3250# E-body goes 10.15 with this combo. If you need a super dialed engine without the hassles/machine work/ tuning, wait time, etc.- here it is! Drop it in & GO. (Also see my other listing on the 727 Trans here in moparts) I can help w/ freight shipping/palletizing, etc.- or local pickup as well. Package deal available. Location- Sun Prairie, WI.
Complete engine w/heads- less carb, distributor, alternator, rocker assy. & water pump assy. $6700 + shipping
Edelbrock RPM heads CNC fully ported, Comp 10* ret. & locks- $1900 + shipping
Bill Mitchell 750 DP Carb - $500 + shipping
Hooker Super Comp. ceramic headers only (B & E body)- $525 + shipping

List of parts:
Built 1968 block, bored .030 bore= 4.35/ stroke=4.110) offset ground MP steel crank.
Ross custom forged FT pistons w/ .927 pins (434 grams ea.)
Manley 7.60 aluminum rods w/2.20 journals
Childs & Albert piston pins
Hastings file-fit ring set
Comp Cams solid cam 660/648; 267/273 @.050
Milodon 7 qt. oil pan & pickup, windage tray, Melling HV Oil pump, ½” pickup
Edelbrock RPM heads CNC fully ported, flow 302/231; Comp beehive springs, 10* locks/retainers ;76cc
Mopar M-1 single plane intake (4150)- port matched to heads
MP finned valve covers
Bill Mitchell Holley HP 750- flows 1000 cfm; DP, 4-corner
March billet pulleys
Final compression 11.9/1 with 76cc heads
Will also sell just the stroker rotating assembly-
$850 + shipping
screaming deal! Just the pistons are this much. PM me here for info.

NOTE- you could also lower the compression if one wanted the short block assy. for more streetability- by using 84-88cc heads; bringing it down to 10-10.5 total. The pistons are FT w/ notches and sit in the hole slightly.
SOLD heads & intake. I still have the Hooker headers, oil pan and pickup, & block for sale. All super nice shape. PM me
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