63. Dart with a hydraulic clutch set up?



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Feb 3, 2024
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Sacramento Ca.
So I have a slant six with a Clifford intake and a split header exhaust got these parts from a 64 dart that had an automatic. The 64 also had a nice stainless steel exhaust set up that will now certainly interfere with the clutch linkage. So my question is is there a hydraulic set up that you can use on a Mopar bellhousing or aftermarket bell housing
Cool dodged that bullet. I spent the last month harvesting all the parts off of the 64 dart, power steering, power breaks, 8 3/4 rear end that has already been swapper and a nice clean gas tank.



Nice build so far they are fun cars. Mine is getting a Gen 3 Hemi so space is tight.
I installed McLeod hydraulic setup into a 65 /6 -4bbl with Clifford's for a friend a few years ago. It was a pretty uneventful install. I don't remember having to solve any issues.
I used all of the factory linkage etc on my '62 Valiant Wagon which has less space than the '64 Dart under the hood and seemingly between bellhousing to the the rail as well. You can make the linkages work if you get the exhaust custom-built. I built my exhaust own so It worked out fine. It also still has the 3-speed column linkages. I have no idea what an exhaust shop would charge to build a bespoke section of pieces like that.