'71 GTX stock decals?



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Oct 3, 2008
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Buford, GA
Long shot, I know. Building a '71 GTX from 2 partial kits I bought and need stock decals. Thinking maybe someone built a F & F GTX and didn't use the stock set. I know several companies make them but I could just buy a whole kit for about the same price. I need another kit like I need another hole in my head. :p
Did you find your decals?
No, sir, I didn't. Thought for sure someone would have built the F&F GTX or maybe another kit but didn't use them (some actually had 2 sets of the body GTX decals). I really only need the deck lid GTX and the 440 call-outs for the non-AG hood. I've found them for sale but I hate to pay $15 for them. :p
Thanks for looking, Asa. DartDad Too is sending me some. All I really need is the hood call-outs (440- non A/G) and the decklid decal. :thumbsup: