A833 Rebuild



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Apr 1, 2007
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I just got my rebuild kit from Brewers Performance, and am diving into the project. Unfortunately, I've never done this before. Now that my trans is dissassembled, I'm feeling a little lost and in need of help.
Is there a source for step-by-step instructions, with good pics out there?:-k
I've posted a link to this page elsewhere, but here it is anyway. Lot's of good info. Mostly describes the 833 OD, but similar stuff applies to a reg. 833 if that's what you have. If you have an OD, even better. There's a rebuild section down near the bottom.


Perhaps you might want to start with the FSM. That will generally show you everything you need to know, albeit in a very dry, technical manner with grainy pictures and descriptions of ancient specialty tools lost forever to the memories of long-retired Chrysler mechanics.
Here's a few suggestions.

The cluster gear must sit at the bottom of the case in order to install the main shaft.

You will need to install the needle roller bearings, shims and spacer first along with the two end bronze thrust washers. The order goes: washer-row of roller bearings-washer-bearings-long spacer.

Use a peice of rubber heater hose, 5/8 or 3/4 ......I forget, cut to the length of the gear to hold needles in place. Once the main shaft is in move the cluster into position and slide the steel shaft in as the rubber hose slides out.

You can also use a wooden stick if you have one the correct diameter.

Pack all the bearings with grease to help them stay in position.

Use thick grease, on the back side, to hold the thrust bushings in place. Make sure the tab lines up with the groove.

Use the factory shouldered bolts for the side cover. Pay attention to the length of the shoulder.

Use the thickest c-clips on the mainshaft that will fit.

Preassemble the synchro/slider assemblies prior to putting them on the main shaft.

Good luck
Get a Factory Service Manual ASAP. It will be very hard to rebuild the trans without one, in all honesty, especially if you have little or no experience.

There are many tricks and tips covered in the FSM which help a lot. Use a piece of 3/4" copper tubing with the ends smoothed (no burrs) as a dummy shaft inside the cluster gear to hold the needle bearings, washers and spacer in place. As mentioend above, the cluster gear needs to sit at the bottom of the case to allow room for the main shaft to enter the main case. The FSM has some good diagrams of how the rebuild process works.
Ok, I will look for a factory service manuel. :read2:
In the mean time, I'm putting the main shaft back into the rear housing, and can't seem to manipulate the main bearing retainer ring. I can compress it, but can't get it to go into place. Any suggestions?
Make a small notch near each tip (1/4" below the ends). Pull the two tips of the snap ring together til they touch, then wrap some thin wire around the tips in the notches which will keep the snap ring from springing open until you want it to. Once it's in place, cut the wire and presto.

I learned that from a tip over on Moparts a few weeks ago.
That sounds like a good idea! I'll give it a shot as soon as I can get back to the garage.
It's done! Thanks for all the help, everyone. I almost gave up on it, but now that it's done, I believe I would do it again next time. Now all I have to do is everything else! (Steering column, floor hump, disc brake conversion, front end rebuild, frame ties, etc.) Then I'll be cruisin' again!:cheers: